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Getting Started

What is LeadBoxer?

LeadBoxer is a lead identification tool. Place a lead pixel in your website and start identifying leads immediately. Identified companies and leads are scored and ranked by leadscore. You can view your leads on a leadboard via desktop/ laptop or mobile-device and/or you can integrate and send the information where it needs to go (ie CRM, salesforce, pipedrive, slack, todoist, etc). Convert anonymous traffic into leads and enrich this information with any and all visitor touch-points; forms, logins, free trials, downloads, email newsletters, etc.

What makes LeadBoxer special?

Using 10+ years of software development, LeadBoxer combines the best of current technology to deliver a dynamic solution. What does that mean? We have extensive experience collecting and organising data. In the past, we have built analytics systems. What we are doing with LeadBoxer is boiling a tremendous amount of information down to one page; a leadboard that only displays the most relevant information, at the top of the list. We use our own big data algorithm to accomplish this. This technology was built in such a way that you can also easily influence what is ranked at the top. This is all done in a very robust, scalable way. This also means that you can ask the data any questions you can think of with the SEARCH feature, or an API call.

Is this tool best for sales or marketing?

The lines between Sales and Marketing are increasingly blurred, but definitions are still helpful. If we see Marketing as being responsible for generating traffic through content – then lead generation is essential for both demonstrating that strategies and working, and identifying which strategies work best. If we see Sales as stepping in when a lead needs to be personally contacted in order to close a deal, then lead generation tools sit on the bridge between Marketing (automation) and Sales.

What is lead generation?

Lead generation is a process of a) identifying b) qualifying and c) nurturing leads. The word “process” refers to the fact the strategy is not to get a hole-in-one. There are several steps needed to create a qualified lead. We have extensive experience on this issue. The take-home is that your digital assets (websites, social media campaigns, email newsletters, and pay-per-click campaigns – PPCs) should be focused on generating potential clients (leads) for your products or services. Please get in touch for a free consultation with an expert.

What is a lead?
A lead is a potential client. The term is traditionally used in Sales for identifying (sales) leads, whereby the strategy is to identify leads and qualify/ nurture them until they are ready to be contacted by Sales. In Marketing terms, leads are potential newsletter subscribers, social media interacts, blog subscribers, trial sign-ups, consumers of content marketing, etc. Typically, sales leads are passed from Marketing to Sales after some form of marketing automation.

Think of leads as your (potential) target audience. The word ‘prospect’ is also sometimes used to describe leads.

How do I get started?

Sign up and receive lead pixel – drop this in your site and start generating leads immediately. After that get in touch with us if you like, and we can advise you further, for example about how to collect additional information, or what to do with your leads.

Getting setup can be done in a few minutes.

How it Works

How does LeadBoxer work?
  1. register for a free trial
  2. receive a Lead Pixel
  3. insert Lead Pixel into site that needs leads
  4. measure all traffic engagement (logins AND anonymous)
  5. identify companies (leads) visiting your site
  6. enrich captured leads with company details;
  7. contact details, industry/ sector, LinkedIn data, etc.
  8. login and see leads ranked by leadscore
  9. adjust the leadscore to influence which leads come on top
  10. integration: send leads where they need to go; CRM Salesforce, Pipedrive, Slack, Todoist
  11. enrichment: add touch-points to be measured; contact forms, trial sign-ups, logins, downloads, PPC click-throughs, email
  12. newsletter opens, etc
How does the free trial work?

It’s free. Sign-up and receive a Lead Pixel. Place the Lead Pixel in the website for which you want to capture leads. Get immediate results. Measurement is real-time. At the end of the trial period, you will be given the option to activate with a subscription.

What will I see when I login

We have concentrated all relevant information on a single page. You will see the leadboard when you login. The leadboard is a list of all leads to come to your site ordered by leadscore, meaning the leads we know the most about appear on the top. The list can also be ordered by time. There are numerous features that help you manage your account, add datasets, manage user, adjust leadscore, create lists, etc, but in principle all the relevant valuable information is on the one page.

Will I get individual contact information?

Not by default. The internet is constructed to prevent this from happening. By default, we can show you Company contact information, for the company from where the clicks on your site are taking place.

Yes with planning. There are many ways to create a situation in which individual contact information is collected. Please get in touch with us for details.

How can I get individual contact information?

You can collect individual contact information through a process we call ‘enrichment’ which means measuring any/ all of the visitor touch-points on your site. If you do not have touchpoints, think about creating them. A touch-point is any point of interaction, from a contact form or download to a (free) trial, login, social media action, webinar, email newsletter, basically any exchange that takes place across the internet. We have technologies in place for all of these options.

My Account

What will I see when I login

We have concentrated all relevant information on a single page. You will see the leadboard when you login. The leadboard is a list of all leads to come to your site ordered by leadscore, meaning the leads we know the most about appear on the top. The list can also be ordered by time. There are numerous features that help you manage your account, add datasets, manage user, adjust leadscore, create lists, etc, but in principle all the relevant valuable information is on the one page.

What is a leadscore

LeadScore is a proprietary algorithm, meaning we spent many years developing the technology, and that we use multiple variables to determine which leads should be displayed at the top of the list. As a user, you can change the leadscore influencing the outcome; and which leads are displayed.

How does leadscore work?

Based on your traffic engagement, we collect a lot of information, really, millions of datapoints. From all that (big) data we identify a small handful that are relevant. We weight (score) the most relevant pieces of information and create a total value which can never be over 100. We use sliders and an intuitive graphic display to let users adjust leadscoring.

What is lead qualification

Lead qualification is a process. It begins with lead identification, meaning that you identify a potential lead, for example, from an anonymous visitor, or from a trial sign-up.

In the initial phase, you are gathering data; who the lead is (contact information) and what their interest is. Interest can be gauged by the activity (pages viewed clicked) on your site. In this way, the leads qualify themselves.

So, broadly speaking, 1) we start with pre-identification of leads, meaning identification of leads (companies) from anonymous traffic and move into 2) enrichment of leads, meaning the second step of adding information, collecting details about leads.

The qualification process does not stop here however, and depending on sales cycles, it can either be long or short, and contain further components such as upselling at a later point in time. Upselling is the process of adding more value for the client by selling additional products or services.

Now I have a list of leads - what do I do?

This is a question of workflow. If you have a means of managing leads, for example a CRM or pipeline tool, or a way of assigning work (a todo tool) send the leads there.

If you do not have an active on-boarding / sales flow in place – then you now have a great opportunity to start reaching out to interested/ qualified leads.

We can advise you on this matter. Note: this information is best utilised by companies and organisations with sales & marketing resources.

I am seeing large company names on my lead list, what can I do with that information?

Large companies present both significant opportunities and challenges; the sales cycles may be long(er) and you will have to do some research, ie via LinkedIn, to get through gatekeepers to reach the DMUs (decision-making units). On the positive side, large companies are good business partners; once they decide to use your products and services they will often help you to grow.
Start by narrowing down the location and relevant department in the company. Also use tools like LinkedIn or email identification programs to determine email contact points.

Account: what do I pay for, what do I get?

Good question. An account (subscription plan) gives you access to a technology which has been in development for 10 years. You receive a lead pixel and you can place the lead pixel in any website. You will then immediately begin identifying and recording leads based on website traffic. All subscription plans include this basic service. Additionally, you can track any number of events. You can also purchase subscription plans where we will help you identify and configure additional events to track. All plans include access to the mobile-ready version. The more expensive plans also include access to integration technology (via Zapier, for example) and our API. Currently, a Starter plan gives you up to 3 users and 2 datasets (websites).

How many sites can I add/ track?

A Starter plan gives you up to 3 users and 2 datasets (websites). The next level, Business, gives you up to 5 users, and 3 datasets.

How many users can I add?

You can add 3 users under the Starter plan, 5 under the Business plan, and 10 under the Corporate plan.


Can I export the data?

Yes, there are extensive export functionalities available. For starters, directly from the leadboard, you can generate (custom) date range .CSV Excel spreadsheet downloads. Next up, via for example, Zapier, or Segment, you can send the data where it needs to go. Additionally, there is an Enterprise-class API available.

Can I send the data through (integrate) with my CRM?

Yes (see above) – there are both integration tools, and an API available.


How much does it cost?

See our Pricing page – there are several packages, depending on your needs.

Can I stop service at any time?

Yes, you can stop month-to-month, or at the end of your yearly plan.

Do I have to buy a yearly contract?

No, unlike many solutions, we do not require a yearly lock-in with a contract. You can stop your subscription from month-to-month.

Can I get a discount for paying yearly?

Yes, on the payment-activation page you will see a discount applied if you select yearly.

Can I get copies of my invoices?

Yes, these will be sent to the email address you enter when creating your subscription. You can always email us if you need copies.

Can I change my subscription plan?

Yes, just contact us at any time to make changes.

Do I have to pay to add users or sites?

Please see the Pricing table in order to see how many users & sites are available per plan.

What types of payment do we accept?

Most major credit and debit cards, ie Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.


The best way to discover these and other powerful features is to spend time playing with LeadBoxer. Click the button below to start a free trial.