product changes

The most recent updates to the LeadBoxer product.

New Filter: Display Companies, Persons & Unidentified

Introducing the Display Filter

We’re happy to announce that today we have implemented the next step in our evolution from a lead generation solution towards what we call a Lead & Customer Data Platform. Read more about CDP’s here:  Customer Data Platforms

As of now, we have introduced a new filter called Display. This filter allows you to easily segment (filter on or hide) Companies, Persons and Unidentified leads.

Important change:
By default we now are no longer showing the Unidentified Visitors when you login. If you want to see the Unidentified, you need to enable this via the Display filter


Next steps / vision

As many of you know, most purchasing decisions in the B2B world are made by a decision making or Demand Unit.
Our vision is to enable our customers to get detailed insights into these units and provide ways to score, filter, and segment these units so that Sales and Marketing teams can get the insights needed to close these deals.

This is the first step towards this vision. Following steps include: a) Automatically group multiple persons to one company and b) Create an overall Company leadscore

All existing smartlists (segments) have been updated to reflect this new filter, please let us know if anything seems incorrect or illogical.



Additional updates

  • We added the utm_term value in the lead details
  • We included the option to ‘add comment’ when assigning a lead

April product updates

Preparations for major updates

This month we took on some larger improvements that were not finished yet by the end of the month.
Here is what to expect in May and June.

  • New Javascript / pixel that supports Asynchronous loading, cross-domain tracking, sticky properties, improved auto form tracking, and more!
  • New filters called Display to easily segment on persons, companies or unidentified customers
  • Improved Identification and linkedIn Matching
  • Improved dutch Chamber of Commerce data & matching


Small improvements:

  • We added an option to write a comment when sharing a lead
  • We also added separate address fields for the dutch chamber of commerce data
  • You can now also pass additional parameters when implementing the email tracking pixel


  • We fixed an issue to render company logo’s properly in the daily or weekly emails
  • We also fixed an issue in where the wrong IP address was stored with the session data for email open tracking
  • Improved language on some transactional emails

Gmail Extension & March product updates

Gmail email tracking extension

We are proud to announce the LeadBoxer Chrome extension for Gmail. This new integration/ plugin can be used for free by all users of the LeadBoxer platform.

Mail Benefit: see who opens your emails, who clicks on which links, and view what pages they then browse on your site.


Email tracking pixel generator

To make email tracking for your email or newsletter campaigns easier, we created a pixel generator.

    1. Log into LeadBoxer as admin and go to the datasets overview.
    2. Click the configuration icon next to the dataset/website you want to track and select email tracking pixel
    3. Choose your mail/newsletter provider
    4. Enter a campaign name and the pixel is automatically generated.

See our full documentation on email tracking


Other fixes and updates

  • Added visual indication that users can use ‘tab’ or ‘enter’ to add multiple entries in the text fields
  • Fixed a bug where long Smartlist name was breaking the UI
  • Added a new csv option to the download: choose from either b2c/ b2b view option
  • Added name of dataset in daily /weekly email title
  • Introduced limit of 3 leads for expired (trial) accounts
  • Added logic to render names properly with if/else statements
  • Introduced new setting to switch from ‘last activity date’ to use ‘first activity date’
  • Added ‘eternal scrolling’ / ‘load more’ for clickstreams
  • B2C HTML email now link to personal lead cards
  • Add leadscore API calls to documentation
  • We now use manually added Company data in the scoring formula
  • Fixed and improved an issue that caused broken company images

February product updates

Region & City added to Leadscore settings

You can now improve your lead scoring by adding individual scoring options for country, region and cities. Use the ‘tab’ or ‘enter’ keys to confirm your entries.


Email and newsletter tracking

We have added this major feature, more can be read about it here:

Feature description
Release notes
Email open tracking (docs)
Email click tracking (docs)
Identification by email (docs)


Zapier app launch

We are now officially part of the zapier family, read the announcement here


Introduced Person (B2C) based view for CSV downloads

We have added the option to receive notifications that are geared towards a B2C usage of LeadBoxer. Instead of company information these notifications focus on personal information.


Leadscore as filter

You can now add a leadscore threshold as a filter and apply save these as part of your smartlist

Introducing LeadBoxer email tracking

Website & Email behavior combined

Today we are excited to share a new development with you: we have added the option to track your email campaigns, newsletters, digital mailings and even individual emails you send out.

From now on you can track email behavior and include this data into the customer journey of your online users, leads, or customers. We see this functionality as a major step towards unifying profile information across devices and mediums.

The new feature consists 3 main components: 

  1. Track email opens
  2. Track email clicks and 
  3. Identify website leads & customers by email

Sounds cool, but what are the benefits?

Good question, actually there are quite a few. Here are the main benefits:

  • Create a Single Customer View by combining email and website behavior in a single profile
  • Implement Outbound email lead scoring to rank the recipients based on email and website behavior
  • Increase company identifications, based on both IP address of the recipient and their email domain (TLD)
  • Increase person identifications, based on email and contact data from email database


Track email opens

Email Tracking; seeing who opens the emails you send is very valuable information, and you can now include these events in the customer journey or clickstream of your online users. To accomplish this we offer a pixel specifically for email tracking.

To get started, see the documentation for Track email opens


Track clicks within emails

Similar to email open events, tracking who clicks on a link in the mailings or newsletters you send, and which link they clicked on, should be considered as very powerful indications of interest. However, most marketeers hardly look at this data, which is often forgotten as they focus on metrics such as open and click rates.

To Implement, see the documentation for Track email clicks


Identify website leads & customers by email

Tracking email clicks, provides an additional major benefit.
You can now use all the information you have available in your email database and automatically add this to lead profiles in LeadBoxer.

But wait, there’s more!: As we track leads and customers over longer periods of time, an identification through email can be retro-actively applied, meaning: Once clicked-through via email, leads or customers are identified for all past, present, and future behaviour.

To Implement, see the documentation to Identify website leads & customers by email


The best way to discover these and other powerful features is to spend time playing with LeadBoxer. Click the button below to start a free trial.