product changes

The most recent updates to the LeadBoxer product.

2019-02 Product Update

Outlook Add-in

In this update we are happy to announce our first installable plugin for Outlook on your PC (windows)

This add-in allows you track all the individual emails that you send from your PC using Outlook.

For more details read more about it on our Outlook email tracking page


2019-01 Product Update

Direct Pipedrive Integration

In 2019 we are committed to release new and advanced direct integrations with multiple sales and marketing tools.
The first on our list was Pipedrive.

This integrations enables you to push web and email related activity to Pipedrive CRM to see how your leads are engaging with your company.

For more details read more about it on LeadBoxer and Pipedrive integrations page.

December 2018 Update

Original AND Last UTM tags

Working with cross-channel marketing, whereby you have multiple entry points to your landing pages, it’s a good idea to keep track of which sources or campaigns are generating traffic and which are converting on your content.

We now measure and display both the original (first) and last UTM tag that we have captured, making it easier to attribute a lead or sale to the original or last engagement that we tracked.

November 2018 Update

Complete Lead Pixel Rewrite

A core part of our platform is of course the tracking pixel that captures the interactions and engagement of website visitors.

Therefore we are happy to announce that we have completely rewritten the code that produces this javascript. The new code contains some state-of-the-art features such as:

  • can be loaded async
  • ability to set custom user ID’s
  • ability to lookup email or user ID’s to realise cross-browser unification of users
  • ability to track cross domains
  • and multiple features we will be releasing in the near future


October 2018 Update

Cross device tracking

We have updated the lead pixel (tracking javascript) so that you can now set the user-ID through url value. This is usefull if you would like to create a closed system in where you want to make sure that all events (even on different devices or platforms are grouped under one single profile)

In short If the lb_uid parameter is set in a landing url, we are updating cookie to use its value as user_id.

For more details read more about our cross device tracking solution


Improvements & fixes

  • Added a date-range selector in mobile view
  • Replaced Intercom chat with Helpscout beacon
  • Invite user email is now sent with LeadBoxer’s ‘from’ name & email address
  • increased consistency in companyName parameter
  • When selecting PDF in notification settings, hide the B2b/B2C selector
  • In downloaded CSV’s we renamed company as companyName (also merge based on value present in both fields)
  • We now hide B2B/B2C selection when PDF or HTML is selected
  • We now hide original_channel in lead properties
  • Dutch KvK matching improvements


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