Release Notes

LeadBoxer Product Changes

The most recent updates to the LeadBoxer product.

August 20, 2020

2020-04 Product Update

Summer updates

We’ve implemented many changes and improvements over the last few months. Highlights:

Company profile improvements

We cleaned up the Company Profile and added company address, phone, founded date, company type, status.


  • Added the option to turn off automatic deal creation.
  • Fixed a bug so that hidden leads are now no longer synced to Pipedrive

Mailchimp custom fields

We added the option to import any custom fields that you have specified within your Mailchimp audience lists.
This means that if you have any additional fields in your Mailchimp database, we can grab these fields and add these to the profile of the lead or customer.

Contact us if you would like to set this up

Google BigQuery integration

We can now automatically upload all your raw or filtered behavioural web & email data into Google Big Query tables.
This enables you to analyse and query your raw web analytics data in ways you would not be able to in Google Analytics or any other major web analytics platform.
Note: This integration requires a Premium plan.

Bonus: easy connect to Google Data Studio

Web Technology enrichment

We can now enrich leads and customer companies with their web technologies.
Meaning we will show all the technology and products used in their main website.
Note: This integration requires a Premium plan.

Clearbit Integration

You can now add a Clearbit API key to enrich your leads from their person and company database.
Note, this is a paid service from Clearbit


More Logos

We have added a new source for logo enrichment based on domain names. You will see more logos in the LeadBoxer application.


Other Updates:

  • Select today, yesterday, last 7 days and last 14 days in the Accounts view.
  • We unified all company related fields into Organization* fields
  • In the download spreadsheet, we cleaned the Company name field
April 07, 2020

2020-03 Product Update

Active Demand Integration

We have built a native integration with marketing automation platform Active Demand

You can use this integration to:

  • Identify companies and individuals visiting your website
  • Automatically add these to your Active Demand organisation list
  • Enrich existing contacts from your database with firmographic information when they visit your site
  • Enrich existing contacts with firmographic information when they open your emails 

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New email notifications for Accounts view

You can now select ‘account’ in your segment notifications view and you will receive our new and completely redesigned notification emails. Data is grouped per account (company name) and shows many more details.

    Dutch Chamber of Commerce update (KvK)

    • Implemented direct connection with Dutch Chamber-of-Commerce
    • Data is now continuously updated
    • Matched the Dutch Chamber-of-Commerce (kvk) industry codes to LinkedIn industries for better filtering
    • Improved matching on domain name, existing trade name, etc



    Additional updates

    • We now sort datasets alphabetically on the dataset page and in the datasets dropdown menu
    • When changing a segment from ‘leads’ to ‘accounts’ view, the format is now properly updated
    • Increased the limit on accounts view download to 2500
    • Fixed a bug where we were showing all columns when downloading
    • Made the industry groups readable
    • We now store all industries in English
    • Removed URL’s for email open events (preventing confusion)
    • Updated the segment overview page to show if the view is for Leads or for accounts
      February 12, 2020

      2020-02 Product Update

      Improved Account view download

      The Account view download now includes Industry, size, LinkedIn Link, website and logo


      Pipedrive: Marketing source for your deals

      We now add all the marketing (UTM) tags captured with LeadBoxer to your deals.
      This has multiple benefits including:
      • Find out which marketing campaigns led to closed deals!

      Do we need to say more?


      Other updates

      • We fixed an issue in the tracking script that prevented tracking iframes in some cases
      • We now Ignore email opens that happen in rapid succession (within 1 minute)
      • Pipedrive: we have changed the Leadscore field as a number field, so this can be used in rules/workflow.

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      January 08, 2020

      2020-01 Product Update

      Pipedrive email tracking for your team.

      We now create unique activities in Pipedrive for email open and email click behavioural events, and list all details inside the accompanying note. 
      This has multiple benefits including:
      • See all email behaviour right inside Pipedrive
      • See email behaviour from all emails that went out, not just from the ones you send yourself.
      • Use Pipedrive automation rules to create an automated workflow based on specific email behaviour.

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      December 16, 2019

      2019-12 Product Update

      New option: Mask IP-addresses for GDPR compliancy

      IP Address Masking allows you to anonymize computer IP addresses by setting IPv4 IPs and IPv6 IPs to zeros. Depending on your requirements, you can now enable this feature per dataset. Note that anonymization is processed at storage level, meaning we will still use the IP address to identify the company, organisation, location and other (generic) profile data – but that the IP address is never written to disk.

      This is useful if you do not want to mention LeadBoxer in your privacy statement. If that is the case, for EU GDPR compliance you need to anonymize IPs (unless capturing and storing IPs is absolutely necessary for purposes such as legal investigation, transaction fraud prevention, etc.).

      See documentation


      Updated Account view

      After the exciting debut of Account view 2 weeks ago, we have fixed some minor bugs and added additional data to the views.

      Here are the main changes:

      • Added download functionality to Account view
      • We order the individual leads within an account a) first by identified leads, b) then by score
      • We now use company logo for accounts, not avatars
      • We now show the role Property in account view – lead list (see other update below)
      • Added options to add/change Email, Name, and Role in the lead details modal view
      • We fixed a bug that caused switching URL/title in the lead modal to stop working
      • Improved layout of company details to improve screen real-estate
      • Added organisation phone numbers
      • Added hot-link to website address
      • Minor UI improvements


      Go to the LeadBoxer App


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      Automatic  prevention of duplication 

      We now automatically find and merge all duplicate persons in your data, using the email address as unique identifier.

      Duplicate or instances where multiple persons with the same email were created occur when people use multiple browsers, devices, private or incognito windows, etc.

      We now check daily for these, and automatically merge the user/session/events.

      We will also update respective cookies when they return so that all devices will have the same cookie ID

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      New custom fields

      You can now manually (or automatically) add values to 2 more properties to individual leads: Name and Role

      These new fields can be found on individual lead cards/details but also in the accounts view lead list, see above screenshot.


      Go to the LeadBoxer App

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      Account view data now available in the API

      We have made the API call that powers the account view available- which can now be accessed through our API documentation.

      See the LeadBoxer API documentation


      November 26, 2019

      2019-11 Product Update

       New Accounts view

      With this update, we released a new major update for the LeadBoxer platform, with the introduction of a new ‘view’ called Accounts.

      As you most likely know, in many organisations, important buying decisions are usually made by a group of people, aka the Decision Making Unit (DMU). A DMU consists of all the people in an organisation who are involved in the buying decision. The decision to purchase involves often the end-user, those with purchasing and financial expertise; those with technical expertise and of course the top-management.

      This means your sales and marketing efforts need to focus on a group of people instead of one single lead.

      Introducing Accounts
      Up until now, Leadboxer was primarily geared towards identifying the individuals, and was not particularly useful if you were required to focus on DMU’s or target accounts.

      For that reason we are now introducing a new ‘view’ called Accounts.

      In our new accounts view we are focused on delivering increased insights into 2 or more individuals or leads within the various DMU’s that you are targeting. We accomplish this by grouping individual leads from the same company and ranking them by their combined score.

      Have a look for yourself, and find out if there are interesting accounts that have been identified.

      Go to the LeadBoxer App


      Updated look & feel

      As part of this update, we also had a look at our interface and rearranged and updated a couple of items.

      Here are the main changes:

      • The top bar has been optimised and items like Lead-score settings, Segments overview, and the traffic dashboards have been moved towards the dropdown menu in the top right.
      • The website / dataset selector has been moved to the top right for easy site switching
      • The data of individual leads has been regrouped and rearranged


      Go to the LeadBoxer App

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      New Outlook / office 365 add-in

      This new Integration enables you to track emails in all versions of office 365, whether it be on your PC, Mac, or in the browser.

      Outlook 365 email tracking add-in documentation 

       Or get it directly from the Microsoft App-store

        October 08, 2019

        2019-10 Product Update

        G Suite App

        Many of our customers are using the Gmail email tracking extension for Chrome to push prospect or customer email behaviour into LeadBoxer. We have learned however that some of our customers either are not allowed to install extensions or don’t use Chrome as their default browser.

        Therefore we have introduced the LeadBoxer Email tracking for G Suite App which enables you to track emails in G Suite without the Chrome extension.

        Add Email address to a Lead manually

        You can now update any lead or customer in the detail view and add an email address manually. This is very useful if you can identify a specific lead / person on your site.

        For instance, you were just on the phone with someone and asked them to have a look at a specific page. Once you see this person appear in LeadBoxer you can add their email address to fully identify this person and see all their interactions going forward. As an added bonus- this feature works retro-actively, meaning you will see all of this person’s past activity. We will also use the domain-name from the email address to enrich their company details.

        Other updates

        • Mailchimp integration – we now process last 15 campaigns instead of fixed number of days
        • Pipedrive integration – we now push updates daily, regardless of the settings of the segment notification settings


        Future updates

        We are currently working on 2 main new features:

          1. Unifying organisation details into single fields so we can create filters and scoring based on the company details, rather than persons or IP addresses
          2. Organisational grouping. A new view in where we group the individual persons into unique companies.
        September 04, 2019

        2019-09 Product Update

        Pipedrive improvements

        At LeadBoxer, Pipedrive is our CRM of choice. Therefore, we’ve rebuilt the integration so that we can make even more efficient use of the combined technology.

        The most important change we made is that we now push all behaviour into Pipedrive as activities, rather than simply adding notes. This is important because it will allow you to create tasks using the Pipedrive workflow automation feature.

        So when you (re)activate the integration, we now create 3 new activity types:

        • email open,
        • email click
        • website visit

        And for each of the leads identified within LeadBoxer, we will automatically create these activities and link them to the relevant deal/ person and organisation.

        Secondly, we now update the profile of a person with their last activity date/time AND their most recent Leadscore.

        How do you like them apples?  

        See our integration here in the Pipedrive marketplace


        Other updates

        • Mailchimp data is now synced two times per day, (4AM and 4PM CET)
        • We fixed a bug that prevented passwords from being created/reset in Safari browser.