September product updates

Whats New with LeadBoxer in September?

New and improved Filters:

Industry categories by group
We’ve added the option to filter based on linkedIn company-industry groups to make simplify selecting full categories. A complete overview of industries and categories can be found on our docs page: Industry & grouping overview

Negative URL filters
This is a very powerful new addition to the URL filter. It enables you to filter OUT all the leads that visited certain pages or sections of your site. For example: Filter out all visitors, leads, or customers that looked at the jobs section of our site.

Other Filter Improvements
  • Lead Tags: added ‘has any value’ and ‘is unknown’ options
  • Added negative options for Exit link filter
  • We added a text cursor in filter textfields, for better UX

‘day of week’ selection to smartlist weekly options

If want to receive a weekly notification from a smartlist on a specific day of the week, you can now choose this from the options when creating a smartlist.

New API version

We have quietly been working on a new version of our API, including proper documentation. You can find the descriptive documentation on our API docs section, while the technical info can be found here.

Other New Features and Improvements

Here is a list of all the smaller bug-fixes and quality-of-life improvements that we completed for LeadBoxer in the last month.

  • Outlook compatibility with our daily or weekly HTML email
  • Added the ‘selected date range’ to display next to the number of leads shown
  • We now hide the API key for non-admins
  • We added the format (CSV/HTML) to the smartlist overview
  • When creating a smartlist, we now enable the notification option by default
  • When selecting HTML format in smartlist, we hide the CSV options
  • We added a link to smartlist page in top navigation as icon
  • We added search words/ terms to the lead details