Lead Data Platform

By combining all your lead activity in one platform, we will generate valuable insights by creating rich profiles and analysing combined website and email behaviour.
Customer Data

Our platform is designed to optimise online lead & customer identification and qualification. put all lead and customer profile & behavioural data together to discover new opportunities.

Lead Generation

Identify your top qualified Leads & Customers and insert valuable insights into your sales workflow. Allow your demand generation and marketing campaigns to reach full potential and generate real leads.

Custom Solutions

Looking for a partner to take care of your tracking, identification or other bespoke solutions? Our team of seasoned Marketeers, Sales experts and Engineers are available for custom projects or integrations.

Bring all your customer data together

Customer Data

By combining all your customer and lead activity in one interface, we generate valuable insights by creating rich profiles and analysing combined website, email and all other behaviour.

Our platform is designed to work with many different sources of data, has built-in features to enrich company (or personal) data, allows you to qualify prospects based on behaviour and profile data, and includes powerful filters and intuitive scoring algorithms to create segments.

Create a steady flow of qualified leads

Lead Generation

From a birds-eye view, LeadBoxer is essentially a Lead Generation Platform, that works with the marketing and sales tools you already use. In general we enable you to:

  1. Combine all behavioural data
  2. Identify companies and individuals
  3. Enrich with firmographic and first-party data
  4. Segment by use of filters
  5. Qualify using Lead-scoring
  6. Push the qualified leads where they need to go
  7. Monitor and report on results
Enterprise-class Analytics Platform

Custom Solutions

We solve your lead and customer intelligence problems. Our experts and engineering team can help.

Based on the LeadBoxer Platform and API’s, our teams have implemented many integrations, custom dashboarding reporting, white-label or OEM implementations, etc.

If you are interested, simply schedule an initial call and find out if we can (also) solve your Lead & Customer Data issues?

Interested in our platform or solutions?