Outlook Email Tracking

Track individual email behaviour

Powerful email tracking

Track email open & click behavior as part of your sales or lead generation efforts and create complete customer journeys. Automatically enrich, qualify and score your leads and customers based on the emails they open and read.

  • Official MS Outlook plugin available
  • Track Email Opens & Clicks
  • Identify website leads & customers by email

Standalone or connected

The LeadBoxer Outlook Email tracking add-in is developed to work as both stand-alone solution but can also be used as a source in your Lead Identification or Generation efforts.

The stand-alone version provides in-app feedback on email opens and behaviour.

If combined with a LeadBoxer Platform license the data is combined with all behavioural information such as website clicks, etc.

Official Microsoft Add-in

Verified and audited by Microsoft, our official add-in works within the boundaries of Microsoft Realm.

LeadBoxer is an accredited Microsoft Partner and developer.

Advanced version is available, to auto-enable tracking on ALL emails.