About LeadBoxer

Our Mission

Collect valuable sales insight online

Lead & Customer Data platforms are the most effective way to monitor, build and nurture digital relationships. Companies that use Lead & Customer intelligence grow faster because they can do more meaningful sales outreach. Improving your qualified lead collection efforts will yield a competitive advantage, and our trusted platform makes it simpler for you to collect and analyze high quality leads.

Our Values

Obsessed with customer success

At LeadBoxer, data collection is our passion. We love to see our customers thrive, and we are dedicated to helping each customer connect with more sales prospects. We hold ourselves to an insanely high standard and will bend over backwards to make sure our customers are successful.

The people behind the product

Meet the LeadBoxer team

We’re a global team, meaning that we are all over the world! The people on this page are all obsessed with making your business grow by making an amazing LeadBoxer experience for you.

Wart Fransen
Cralan Deutsch
Eddie Moojen
Scrum Master
Pavithra Acharya
Software Engineer
Robert Novorolsky
Channel Marketing Manager
Henrique Zambonin
Growth Specialist
Sander Gabel
Sales Manager

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