Newsletter & Email Tracking

Track your lead and customer email open behavior and include in their customer journey.
Automatically enrich, qualify and score your users based on the emails they open and read.


Track Newsletter and Email Clicks & Opens

Identify website leads & customers by email

combine profile information across devices and mediums.

Track email opens

Email Tracking; seeing who opens the emails you send is not a super new technology, and is offered by most mailing or newsletter providers. What is new however, is that you can now include these events in the customer journey or clickstream of your online users. To accomplish this we offer a pixel specifically for email tracking.

Using this new pixel you can see if your recipients opened and read any of the emails you send to them. These events (indicating an email open) will be added to LeadBoxer clickstreams and can be used in your filter and scoring settings.

Track clicks within emails

Similar to email open events, tracking who clicks on a link in the mailings or newsletters you send, and which link they clicked on, can often be retrieved from the tool or solution you are using. However, most marketeers hardly look at this data, which is often forgotten as they focus on metrics such as open and click rates. LeadBoxer offers a different approach by tracking in-email clicks, and adding them to the (existing) lead or customer journey or clickstream. The benefit is that you will then know (exactly) what catches the attention of your audience and leads, and can respond directly.

Adding email link tracking is easy and the benefits are significant!

Identify website leads & customers by email

Tracking email clicks, provides an additional major benefit.
You can now use all the information you have available in your email database and automatically add this to lead profiles in LeadBoxer.

But wait, there’s more!: As we track leads and customers over longer periods of time, an identification through email can be retro-actively applied, meaning: Once clicked-through via email, leads or customers are identified for all past, present, and future behaviour.


LeadBoxer for Gmail

See who open your emails and clicks on your links, with email tracking analytics from LeadBoxer for Gmail.

This extension will add email tracking for all emails send through the gmail web interface. The recipients will be add as leads or customers to your data and email opens and clicks will be merged together.

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