Outlook Email Tracking

Track email open & click behavior and create complete customer journey.
Automatically enrich, qualify and score your users based on the emails they open and read.

Gmail & Outlook plugins available

Track Newsletter and Email Clicks & Opens

Identify website leads & customers by email

Start Now & Track your first email in minutes

Track Unlimited Emails

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Auto enrich Company details

Set notifications for activity

Filter and Score behaviour

Lots and lots more!

LeadBoxer for Outlook

This Add-in will add the option to activate email tracking for personalized emails sent to individuals through Outlook on your PC.

Main Benefits: See who opens your emails, who clicks on which links, and which pages they look at on your site

Add email tracking for all emails send through your Outlook interface. The recipients will be add as leads or customers to your data and email opens and clicks will be merged together.

Identify website leads & customers by email

Tracking email clicks, provides an additional major benefit.
You can now use all the information you have available in your email database and automatically add this to lead profiles in LeadBoxer.

But wait, there’s more!: As we track leads and customers over longer periods of time, an identification through email can be retro-actively applied, meaning: Once clicked-through via email, leads or customers are identified for all past, present, and future behaviour. 

Our happy customers

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