Identify unengaged traffic and generate more revenue

Collect More Leads

With LeadBoxer, you will collect more leads. You will gain actionable intelligence on which companies are viewing your website and what pages they’re viewing most.


Enrich Leads

LeadBoxer uses big data to enrich leads. You can reduce the length of lead forms to just a few field and LeadBoxer will automatically tell you other important information about your leads (company name, size, etc.).

Target Audience

See if the right people are visiting your website. If your target audience isn’t discovering you, LeadBoxer makes it easy to see that you should make tweaks to your marketing strategy to improve your sales funnel.

Beat Competition

Understand exactly who is on your website so that you can identify leads faster. When you more rapidly identify leads, you can beat your competition to deals.

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Share & Assign

Add colleagues or entire sales-teams to your LeadBoxer account so that you can share and assign leads. Get eyes on all potential leads, so that you can discover more deal opportunities.

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Find the Leads that Generate Revenue

Search all of your leads, seamlessly. Find leads from specific locations, industry, size, campaigns and more. When it’s easy to search your leads and web traffic, you will generate new revenue.

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Automatically Enrich Leads

Once you add the LeadBoxer lead pixel to your website, we will automatically capture visitor information at touchpoints such as contact forms, logins, white-paper downloads, newsletter subscriptions, etc. We will automatically add important information to that leads that you collect such as company name, company size, and much more.

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Get a Leadscore

Based on criteria that you provide us, we automatically calculate an accurate leadscore for you. When you have an accurate leadscore, you can more quickly understand the quality of your leads and website traffic.

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