LeadBoxer Features

Everything you need to start generating insights

Our platform is designed to work with many different sources of data, has built-in features to enrich company (or personal) data, allows you to qualify prospects based on behaviour and profile data, and includes powerful filters and intuitive scoring algorithms to create  segments.

The results can then be synchronised or exported towards many destinations using existing integrations or via custom-built solutions.

Website & email tracking

LeadBoxer enables you to track every digital action, click, view, download, and other touch-points from your audience and access this data in either raw unprocessed format or through our application.

Capture a tremendous amount of behavioural data, including your lead’s entire interaction with your company starting with their first visit, all the pages they’ve viewed, all the emails they’ve opened, and all of the links they’ve clicked over time.


Identify website visitors

LeadBoxer identifies both companies and individuals visiting your website. Identification of companies and organisations happens out of the box based on IP addresses, form fields, email and other touch-points.

Identifying individuals on your website can be achieved by utilising one or multiple of our integrations that capture individual data.

Enriched firmographic data

All Identified Leads are automatically matched to various company database sources en enriched with their firmographic data such as industry, location, size, domain, social profiles, and many more data points.

Bring your own data

You can add and enrich all profiles with your own data by using our integrations and/or connectors. 


Accounts view for ABM

The accounts view provides insights into 2 or more individuals or leads within the organisations that you are targeting. Group individual leads from the same company and ranking them by their combined score.

This is particularly useful if your sales and marketing efforts need to focus on a group of people instead of one single lead, aka Account Based Marketing / Sales.


Create Segments with filters

Use filters to remove noise, make selections, and focus on your target customers (which you can save as segments).

Filter on profile data such as company name, industry or size, geographic data, behaviour; pages viewed, URLs, exit links or visits, and marketing data such as UTM tags or referrer.

Automatic Lead-scoring

LeadBoxer automatically calculates a lead’s lead score based on the criteria that matters to you the most.

We establish which leads or customers are relevant / important based on properties and behaviour.

Fully Customisable, calculated On-the-fly, and adjustable for individuals.

With LeadBoxer, there’s no manual work needed to identify “hot” leads. 

Get Email Notifications

Receive notifications or updates for specific leads or customers visiting your site or reading emails.

Get a message when MQL’s are identified or when a lead is Ready-To-Buy.

Get individual leads or weekly account based overviews, that are ideal for Account Based Marketing (ABM) teams.

Set custom scheduling, based on custom filters (segments) and routing to relevant team members in CSV, PDF or email format.


Integrations & Connectors

We support many integrations out-of-the-box, to collect your data and get the results in your workflow.


Built with flexibility in mind, we support various  workflows, data-sources, destinations and tool-stacks.

Application & API

You can use our modern (web) application or get the (raw) data through our world-class API

Full data search

Quickly search through all lead data to quickly find the information you need. Like Google, but with your data.

Campaign Tracking (UTM tags)

See, filter and score for each lead or customer their campaign (UTM) tags, See both first and last click attribution.

Auto Form Tracking

Automatically (or manually) track all form submissions and attach to lead or customer profiles. 

GDPR compliant

Your audience consists of individual leads, existing customers, named accounts and more. We support all.

Documentation & tutorials

Over the years, we have created many different  tutorials, manuals and guidelines. Ready to learn?

Build for scale

The more data the better, as we are experts in finding needles in your haystack of lead & customer data.

Don’t miss the chance to connect with visitors and automatically identify new leads.