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Track & Identify your
Leads & Customers

We provide multiple ways to identify your leads and customers, and combine this with the data that is already available within your organisation. Capture all online behaviour (website, email, newsletters, advertising, social, etc.) to create an unified & single 360 View of all your online users.

LeadBoxer Sales Tool Features - Lead Score Algorithm Demo
LeadBoxer Sales Tool Features - Smart Lists Demo

Newsletter & Email Tracking

Track your lead and customer email behavior and make this part of their customer journey. Automatically enrich, qualify and score users based on emails they open and read. Start unifying profile information across devices and mediums.

custom leadscore

Based on criteria that you provide us, we automatically calculate an accurate leadscore for you. When you have an accurate leadscore, you can more quickly understand the quality of your leads and website traffic.

Search all of your leads, seamlessly. Find leads from specific locations, industry, size, campaigns and more. When it’s easy to search your leads and web traffic, you will generate new revenue.

LeadBoxer Sales Tool Features - Lead Score Algorithm Demo
LeadBoxer Sales Tool Features - Smart Lists Demo


A segment is what it sounds like – Big Data technology allows you to configure custom filters and use them as pre-sets/ segment.  In practice, this means – show me all leads in the New York area who have visited within the past 24 hours from the Finance sector.


Use Smart-Lists to set alerts – be informed in real time when qualified lead activity takes place. Build an ideal Filter – for example any visits from the Health sector from companies with more than 200 employees. Get notified by email or SMS. Daily and Weekly notifications also available.

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LeadBoxer Sales Tool Features - Lead Enrichment Demo


Once you add the LeadBoxer lead pixel to your website, we will automatically capture visitor information at touchpoints such as contact forms, logins, white-paper downloads, newsletter subscriptions, etc. We will automatically add important information to the leads that you collect such as company name, size, industry and much more.

Share & assign

Add colleagues or entire sales-teams to your LeadBoxer account so that you can share and assign leads. Get eyes on all potential leads, so that you can discover more deal opportunities.

LeadBoxer Sales Tool Features - Share & Assign Demo

Integrate leadboxer with your favorite

sales tools for even more powerful features

Data is most useful when shared. We understand that steep learning curves and adoption cycles prevent many companies from updating their technology. Our solution?; integrations with the most powerful softwares on the market in order to make your life easier. Check our integrations, not sure we support what you are using? Contact us and we will make it happen.


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Lead Scoring

Inside Sales Intel

Contract renewals
Customer Insights
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Enterprise solutions

Lead Management & Routing
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Custom Content Serving

Marketing solutions

Account Based Marketing
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Segmenting audience

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