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Measure complete engagement; logins, website visits, emails opens, etc, and automatically submit lead activity into your deals.

Make Pipedrive Even Better with LeadBoxer

  • Tell your team which leads are hot; have opened emails, newsletters, or recently visited your site
  • Real-time Ready-to-Buy signals
  • Workflow integration automatically pushes all new events (newsletter opens, clicks, pageviews, etc) into Deals, Persons, and Companies
  • Bottom line: synchronise web, email & newsletter activity with Pipedrive in order to measure complete visitor engagement

You need LeadBoxer if your Sales Scrum sounds like this:

Sales Guy #1: We have a lead that’s been rotting for three days, who wants to call her?
Sales Guy #2: I’ll call her, but I need some information to prepare. Is she active, when was she on the website for the last time. Has she logged in or read our emails?
Sales Guy #1: Can you figure that out Sales Guy Number Three?
Sales Guy #3: Hmm, maybe, not with Google Analytics or any of the other tools we use. Probably. It’ll take some research. I’ll get back to you…

How Does LeadBoxer Work With Pipedrive?

LeadBoxer Integration workflow:
1. We Identify all persons on your website using newsletters, email, forms, signups, logins, etc.
2. You define the segment you want to synchronise with Pipedrive
3. We push all activity of this segment to Pipedrive and update Deals, Persons and Companies.

Thats not all but thats a good start, right?

Explain in plain English, please.

1. Lisa comes to your website and signs up for a newsletter, a PDF, or clicks on a link in your email or newsletter.

2. Using Lisa’s email address, LeadBoxer sees this activity and looks for an existing person, deal and organisation in your Pipeline. If they exist, everything is updated. If not, they are created.

3. Also, field called Last Activity is updated/ added to Lisa’s deal. Your whole team can then quickly and easily check for the most recent activity by Lisa, or anybody from her organisation (Company).


The main benefit is realtime customer insight. Technically, you can synchronise web & email activity with Pipedrive Deals, persons & Companies

  1. Quickly determine a lead’s status, warm, or cold.
  2. Automatically update deals whenever new activity takes place.
  3. Identify and collect information about your leads & customers during their entire online buyer journey and turn this data into actionable insights.

In other words, LeadBoxer collects your website and email or newsletter data to automatically identify, enrich, segment, and score leads & customers based on their behavior and profile data.

Our happy customers

A business exists to serve customers.  Here are few of the great companies that trust LeadBoxer: