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With LeadBoxer, you can find out what companies visit your website, track visitor activity, and receive alerts when leads are ready to buy.

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Website Visitor Identification

Identify Unknown Visitors

Learn who is visiting your website and discover their company and contact details before they even fill out a form or signup for a trial. Give your sales team the edge they need to close more deals.

Setup in Minutes

LeadBoxer uses an easy-to-install tracking pixel to measure all activity on your website. Just add the pixel to the footer of your website and you’re ready to start tracking visitors.

360° Lead View

Enrich Leads with Contact Information

By connecting with the emails or newsletter you send out, we can discover full name, email, location, and social profiles without them ever telling you or contacting your team.


Learn What Company They Work For

Learn what company a lead works for, their company size, industry, and more! 


View a Lead’s Entire Journey

Look at a lead’s entire interaction with your company starting with their first visit, all the pages they’ve viewed, all the emails they’ve opened, and all of the links they’ve clicked over time.

Track Everything

Track Website Activity

Before a visitor even contacts your team, LeadBoxer begins to track their activity and assigns information to the lead. You can view what pages a lead visited, when, how often, and how long they spent on any given page, key product or pricing page for example.

Track Email Opens & Clicks

No matter what email platform you use, you can use LeadBoxer to track email opens and link clicks. All of this data is then added to a lead’s activity. Track emails from Gmail, Outlook, and more! 

Track Form Activity

LeadBoxer automatically tracks all form submissions and assigns any details to leads already in your database. You can learn what forms a lead filled out, what information they submitted, and when the form was submitted.

Automatic Lead Scoring

Lead Scores Calculated Automatically

LeadBoxer automatically calculates a lead’s lead score based on the criteria that matters to you the most.

Want leads with known email addresses? Just adjust the lead score slider in LeadBoxer and visitors with a known email address will be given a higher lead score. The same can be done for phone numbers, number of visits, specific pages visited, company size, and more.

Discover When Leads are Ready-to-Buy

With LeadBoxer, there’s no manual work needed to identify “hot” leads. LeadBoxer automatically sends you email alerts with a list of leads who are interested and ready to make a purchase. Set custom scheduling, filter by segments, route emails to specific users in CSV, PDF, or email format.

Lead Database Management

Share & Assign Leads

Share and assign leads to specific members on your team so they can promptly follow up with “hot” leads.

Organize Leads by Groups, Tags, & Labels

In LeadBoxer, you can groups leads by a specific channel or source (ex. initial landing page), add tags, or add labels to segment and keep all of your leads organized.

Filter by Company Name, Size, and More

In the LeadBoxer dashboard, you can filter leads by company name, industry or size, geographic data, behavior, pages viewed, exit links or visits, marketing data like UTM tags or referrer. This allows you to find the most qualified leads fast and eliminate wasted time spent combing lead lists.

GDPR Compliant

As a company that specializes in data collection and lead qualification for sales and marketing teams, we take the GDPR very seriously. That’s why LeadBoxer is fully GDPR compliant and offers full support to customers that want to become or stay compliant.

Streamline Your Process & Save Time

LeadBoxer has the features you need to streamline your sales process and save your team loads of time on data entry, finding lead information, and staying up-to-date on qualified leads.

Gmail Email Tracking

Track email opens and link clicks directly from Gmail. Learn more.

Cross-Domain & Device Tracking

Track leads across multiple domains that you operate and discover what devices they use to visit your website(s) or open/click your emails.

Access Raw Data

Use LeadBoxer’s API to access raw data.

Export Data

Export data in CSV, HTML, or PDF format.

Pipedrive Integration

Get Website tracking for Pipedrive 


Outlook Email Tracking

Track email activity directly from your Outlook inbox. Learn more.

Marketing Campaign Tracking

Discover which marketing and ad campaigns leads interact with (ex. which campaigns originally brought a lead to your site, which campaigns they continue to click on, etc.).

Traffic Dashboard

View all lead and traffic data in a simple and easy-to-use dashboard. 

Full Data Search

Quickly filter through all lead data to quickly find the information you need.

Connect Effortlessly to the Tools Your Team Already Uses

LeadBoxer integrates with 25+ different tools like HubSpot, MailChimp, LinkedIn, and more! Connect to the tools you already use and start syncing leads right away.


How does LeadBoxer work?

Configuring your LeadBoxer account only takes a few minutes to do. Once you sign up, you will be provided a tracking pixel to add to the header of your website. Once the pixel is added to your website’s header, it will begin tracking all activity on your website and data will begin to populate in your LeadBoxer dashboard.

How many sites and users can I add?

This depends on your plan. During your trial, you can add all your colleagues and company websites to LeadBoxer. As long as you are not reselling there is no hard limit.

How does email tracking work and will LeadBoxer work with our email platform?

LeadBoxer integrates with over 25 different software applications via Zapier. This includes CRMs to email marketing platforms like HubSpot and MailChimp. However, even if your current platform isn’t included in our list of integrations, you can still track email activity.

Email opens and clicks are tracked using a tracking pixel. To set up email tracking, you’d simply select the email platform you use and LeadBoxer will generate a pixel you can add to any emails you’d like to track. More information on how tracking works can be found here.

How many contacts can I add and/or track?

We do not limit based on your number of contacts, but do have a fair-use policy for all the traffic or activity we collect. In most cases, you don’t have to worry until you have a very large contact database (>10,000 contacts).

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