LeadBoxer Platform

Lead & Customer Data Platform

By combining all your customer and lead activity in one interface, we generate valuable insights by creating rich profiles and analysing combined website and email behaviour.

The key-benefits of using the LeadBoxer Platform:

  • Generate qualified leads from your Marketing efforts
  • Automatic notification when Sales Opportunities occur
  • Save time by integrating into your tool or workflow

Powerful Application

Even though the real value is inside the data, a good user interface is essential to find the needles in the (Big) Data haystack.

Our modern web-app contains views on both individuals (leads) AND grouped by organisation (accounts): making the app perfect for Account-Based Marketing or Sales

Platform Workflow

Capture all lead and customer behaviour, including all different channels that you use.

Build up your profiles or map key-accounts by sending the captured data through our funnel where we identify, enrich and score.

Trigger based on profile data and behaviour and get insights to the right persons, at the right time in the most intuitive format.

Platform Features

Our platform is designed to work with many different sources of data, has built-in features to enrich company (or personal) data, allows you to qualify prospects based on behaviour and profile data, and includes powerful filters and intuitive scoring algorithms to create segments.

The results can then be synchronised or exported towards many destinations using existing integrations or via a custom built solution.

Integrations & Connectors

We support many integrations out of the box, to collect your data and get the results in your workflow.


Built with flexibility in mind, we support various different  workflows, data-sources, destinations and tool-stacks.

Application & API

You can use our modern (web) application or get the (raw) data through our world-class API

Leads, customers, accounts

Your audience consists of individual leads, existing customers, named accounts and more. We support all.

Documentation & tutorials

Over the years, we have created many different  tutorials, manuals and guidelines. Ready to learn?

Build for scale

The more data the better, as we are experts in finding needles in your haystack of lead & customer data.

Interested in our platform ?