LeadBoxer Pricing

Unlimited Leads & Customers Identified

Unlimited & Value-based pricing

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Smart Lists

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Customer Success

Datasets (websites)

Pageviews /month **







Custom (from 1 to unlimited)

50.000 > Unlimited

No limits

The more you use LeadBoxer, the more value you will get. For that reason we do not set limits on the number of leads (or identified companies) users, notifications, triggers or smartlists, etc.

big data solution

Our platform was built to scale, perform and deliver, so even the number pageviews is almost unlimited*. Your specific company requirements determine the value based pricing. From smaller companies with just 1 website to very large organisations with hundreds of websites.

* Our definition of a lead is any identified Company or Person
** Starting package contains 50.000 pageviews, high traffic packages are available

Resell LeadBoxer?

We have plans made specifically for Agencies and Resellers.

API & data license

Integrate LeadBoxer data into your application or organisation

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