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What is a Lead & Customer Data Platform?

A Lead & Customer Data Platform is a software solution that pulls together all the data you have on customer and leads in one place.

This data can then be analysed, filtered, scored and ‘send back’ to the many other tools, teams or individuals within your organisation.

What are the benefits of using a Customer Data Platform?

  • Get a “360 profile view” of your leads and customers
  • Unify your data, combine all customer data into one system
  • Get detailed insights into interests and behaviour.
  • Personalise customer content, based on customer journeys.
  • Stop guessing. Make targeted campaigns based on real data.

Lead & Customer Identification

We provide multiple ways to identify leads and customers, and combine this with the data that is already available within your organisation in order to increase identifications and Sales Cycle insights.

Filters & Segments

Use filters to remove noise, make selections, and focus on your target customers which you can save as segments. Filter on company name, industry or size, geographic data, behavior; pages viewed, exit links or visits, marketing data like UTM tags or referrer

Dynamic Lead Scoring

Qualify and dynamically score your leads and customers.  We establish which leads or customers are relevant and important based on their properties and behavior. Fully Customizable, calculated On-the-fly, and adjustable for individuals.

Notifications & Alerts

Receive notifications or updates for specific leads or customers visiting your site or reading emails. Set custom scheduling, based on custom filters (segments) and routing to correct users in CSV, PDF or email format.

Integrations & API

Automatically get your online lead and customer data integrated into the tools your organisation is using. We have an official Zapier App to connect to more than 1000 other apps. Alternatively we have our own enterprise class API for custom integrations.

GDPR Compliant

As a company specialized in lead qualification for Sales and Marketing, we take the GDPR very seriously.
LeadBoxer is fully GDPR compliant and offers full support to customers to become or stay compliant as well.

For Marketing professionals

LeadBoxer enables Marketing professionals to automatically generate and qualify leads from your online users, and push them to the Sales team or tools.

  • Feed a steady flow of qualified leads into your  funnels
  • Identify which marketing campaigns provide the best leads
  • Score your leads on behaviour and profile data, and route leads to the best sales person

For Sales professionals

LeadBoxer is SaaS platform enabling sales professionals to close deals faster, identify up-sell opportunities and generate qualified leads from website and email data.

  • Shorten  your sales cycle with lead intel and real-time notifications
  • Get notified about up-sell opportunities for existing customers
  • Feed a steady flow of qualified leads to your sales team, who should make sales, not focus on lead-gen.

Customer Data Platforms are rapidly evolving and can be characterised by some key components.

Successful marketing is responsive to customer journeys. The solution involves “connecting the dots” which means using software which makes customer journeys visible.

Currently, in most B2B scenarios, customer and buyer journeys are conducted almost entirely online. Most of the journey has been completed before a potential customer even seeks contact with the seller. In spite of this, every company wants to identify potential customers as quickly as possible during the buyer and customer journey.


The more complex the purchasing process, the more people are involved in this customer journey. Identifying and tracking as many events as possible by all people involved is critical for understanding and influencing this journey.

Connecting the dots” applies specifically to B2B customer intelligence. In order to do this in a meaningful way, you need to identify and track as many of the “dots” (or data) as possible. These “dots”, or events, are also known as touchpoints. Examples ar pageviews, downloads, mail read & opens, mail clicks, registrations, mailings, logins, traffic campaigns, etc. This is where the value of a Customer Data Platform (CDP) comes in.


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