Does your newsletter create revenue?

Or do you just spend money on it?

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Get Ready-to-Buy signals from your newsletter list

Get a steady stream of qualified leads from your email list. Which of your recipients are ready to be contacted and closed.


Do you know: At any given time only 3% of your target market is ready to buy. Don’t waste time talking to the wrong people.

We will tell you who you should be talking to.

Use your existing Marketing Assets

Take full advantage of the marketing assets that your company already owns. LeadBoxer combines your email list and your website to generate value. This large gain (quick win) can be easily made using your current tools.

Easily connect your current tools

We combine data from all popular web and email solutions like WordPress, MailChimp and many more!

Opportunities in your Inbox

Get Leads and Opportunities straight to your inbox. Add team members.

So what do I actually get? Deliverables.

Simply put: you will receive Daily or Weekly lists of sales-qualified leads on a rolling basis. After every Email Blast. And as recipients continue browsing your website.
And of course, we can integrate into any CRM or sales tools you use.

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