Easy setup for Lead Workflows

Lead Management

Track sales leads throughout the marketing lifecycle.
Automatically move leads through your marketing funnel and monitor them until they are successfully converted to opportunities.
Manage Leads Visually

Move your Leads from left to right as they travel through your marketing funnel.

Workflow Automation

Are you tired of manually performing the same steps over and over again?

Sync with CRM

Do you want to only push qualified leads or opportunities into your sales CRM ?

Send Leads where they need to be

Visual Lead Management

The LeadBoard is a kanban-style overview of your Leads & Accounts, where you can qualify, annotate, investigate, and manage your leads and your key accounts.

It allows you to keep track of your most important Leads and their journey towards Sales opportunities and eventually new customers. You can also create LeadBoards for simplified key account management.

Each ‘card’ on your LeadBoard represents a Lead or Account. The natural flow is that your cards or Leads move from left tot right as they travel through your marketing workflow or funnel.

Let us show you how this works
Apply business logic to your marketing leads

Workflow Automation.

Our routing solutions help you to add simple or complex workflows that you do not want to or can maintained in your CRM or marketing automation solutions. Automate the countless hours routing leads to the correct individuals and accounts.

Assign, Route and Qualify leads using automated rules that you can set and configure.

Get and Put the data you need

Sync Top Leads with CRM

Prevent to pollute your CRM with unqualified or incomplete leads.

LeadBoxer is designed to work with many different sources of data, has built-in features to enrich company (or personal) data, allows you to qualify prospects based on behaviour and profile data, and includes powerful filters and intuitive scoring algorithms to create segments.

The results can then be synchronised or exported towards many destinations using existing integrations or via a custom built solution.