Not all leads are created equal

Lead Qualification

There are several steps needed to create a qualified lead. We have used our extensive experience on this issue to build the most powerful yet easy to implement Lead generation machine.
First-party Intent Data

Are you talking to the right people? Find out who is actually looking to buy.

Lead scoring & Segmentation

Qualify leads using our easy-to-set leadscore, & dynamically filter them in different Segments.

Lead Profile Enrichment

Built-in auto enrichment including firmographic, technographic or personal business data.

Who is actually ready to buy?

First-party Intent Data

If your marketing or sales team isn’t leveraging first-party intent data when qualifying prospects, then you can assume there’s a huge leak in your workflow or pipeline. When it comes to identifying accounts with the highest likelihood of doing business with your company, first-party intent data can be the most important data at your disposal. 

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What is First-Party Buyer Intent Data?

Essentially, first-party intent data is anything that indicates a lead is in their buying cycle and preparing to purchase your solution. Think of any behavioral indicators of purchase intent can be things such as:

  • Someone visiting certain pages on your website
  • Someone downloading specific white-papers on your site
  • A recent spike in frequency of website visits or pageviews
  • High engagement levels with newsletters or sales emails

How can I use my Buyer Intent Data?

By using all aggregated behavioral signals from your audience you can identify potential  buyers during their buying cycle, such as:

  • It tells you whether or not an individual or account is currently and actively seeking the kind of solution your company provides.
  • With intent data at your fingertips, you can focus on identifying individuals and accounts worth reaching out to.

Where is my Buyer Intent Data?

Almost all businesses have marketing and sales tools, that can provide data to improve qualification. Some examples are:

  • Your websites: marketing site, event sites, landing pages, blog
  • Email or Marketing automation, drip ot transactional email behaviour
  • CRM, customer contact centers or ERP systems
  • Chatbots, forms, signups, logins , intranet, calculator widgets
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Fully automated and customizable

Lead scoring & Segmentation

Lead scoring is a methodology used to rank prospects against a scale that represents the perceived value of each lead. The resulting score is used to qualify and determine which leads are ready to pass to sales. At LeadBoxer we give each lead an automatically calculated, but personal Leadscore. 

Applying Filters on your leads allows you to slice and dice the data so that only pre-qualified leads show up in your lists.

Firmograpic data from many sources

Lead Profile Enrichment

All Identified Leads are automatically matched to various company database sources and enriched with their firmographic data such as industry, location, size, domain, social profiles, and many more data points.

Bring your own data

You can add and enrich all profiles with your own data by using our integrations, connectors or API. Our team of data specialists can also build any integration for you if you do not have the resources available.

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