B2B Lead Generation & Marketing Metrics

Marketing Insights

Account Based Marketing

Get insights and notifications if target accounts visit your site, or read your emails.

Campaign Validation

Find out which campaign brought in which leads. Are your campaigns on target?

Get Conversion Insights

Backtrack successful sales to individual buyer journey,  attribution and campaigns.

Track target accounts for your ABM campaigns

Account Based Marketing

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a strategy of making marketing decisions based on the characteristics of target accounts and prospects. It involves creating a highly specific list of potential accounts, and/or the Decision Making Unit (DMU) of that target account, then creating personalized marketing experiences to engage those accounts and individuals.

This strategy requires sales and marketing teams work closely together. Sales can give crucial insight to their marketing peers on these accounts, who can then develop custom content, targeted ads, and other unique methods of engaging with prospects.

LeadBoxer will give you the advanced insights into your ABM efforts and the engagement level for each account and individual from the BMU.


Target the correct audience

Marketing Campaign Validation

Get proof your campaigns are bringing in the right audience and your leads are marketing qualified. Use LeadBoxer to show the value of the marketing campaigns to our non-marketing business executives.

Make executives view marketing as an investment instead of an expense, and gain their buy-in for your ideas, (and get budget approval for your campaigns)

Provide them with detailed marketing campaign results for each campaign — not just the numbers, but the actual leads, their complete journey, hand-off to sales and obviously the conversions.

Track which campaign brought in which exact leads

Get Conversion Insights

Every website should be a conversion orientated website, and it is crucial to not just see the conversion and or traffic numbers but also be able to reverse engineer your best leads or deals back to the source. What campaign did they originate from and what pages or emails did they read before they converted?

Conversion attribution
See the first click or entry campaign, the last click, but also all the conversion attributions from in between. In LeadBoxer, because we track all digital behaviour, we can provide individual insight into multi-touch attribution.

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LeadBoxer Marketing Insights Features

Lists & match

Upload an unlimited number of Lists that contain company names and / or domain names for us to match to your web & email audience. Ad target accounts, existing clients, former clients, or other groupings and use these lists in segments, notifications, workflows, etc.

Accounts view

In LeadBoxer we track each individual (a Lead) separately. Use the accounts view to group individual leads into accounts, and see engagement on account level and drill back down to individual leads engagement to see DMU engagement.

Marketing Attribution

Out of the box UTM-tag tracking on session level. See first-click, last click, and all-in-between attribution clicks for each individual lead or grouped on account level. Really understand what a prospect did and what channels were used in their buying journey.

Customer 360 view

By tracking every action from each individual and combining their data from all your marketing and sales tools. We can build up very rich profiles with their behaviour, devices, interests, etc. Track leads over time, and see everything we ever registered.

Cross-domain Tracking

Essential for businesses with two or more sites where traffic flows from one site to the other. Get complete overview and customer journeys across all your domains, including campaign attribution and conversion insights.

Dashboard and reporting

Our easy to use dashboard with lead and customer data metrics can be customized to your needs. View segments, slice data into industry or company size, see your top campaigns or drill down to individual leads or accounts.

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