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Online Lead generation is the most effective way to build and nurture digital relationships. Companies that use smart online lead generation techniques grow faster because they can conduct more meaningful sales outreach.

Improving your lead collection efforts will yield a competitive advantage, and our trusted platform makes it simpler for you to collect and analyze high quality leads.

Online Lead generation is a process of:

  1. Identifying (anonymous) website visitors
  2. Tracking their customer journey and data
  3. Qualifying by lead-score

The word “process” refers to the fact that the strategy is not to get a single hole-in-one, but rather a constant stream of qualified online leads.

There are several steps needed to create a qualified lead. We have extensive experience on this issue. The take-home is that the digital assets (websites, social media campaigns, email newsletters, and pay-per-click campaigns – PPCs) you own, should be focused on generating potential clients (leads) for your products or services.

Website Visitor Identification

Identify your Website Traffic and never miss a sales opportunity again.

Let’s face it, the sales process has changed. Companies have had to adapt and find new ways to reach their customers and get heard through the noise. How much of your website traffic are potential clients looking at your products? Is your sales team looking for new channels to tap into? Then LeadBoxer just might be the perfect tool to identify your website visitors.

Only around 2% of website visitors actually contact the company, which means 98% of people come to your website, browse around, and leave. Enter LeadBoxer, the B2B Website visitor Identification company that measures and identifies all your visitors.

Capture Form Leads

This means that we can auto-magically collect and track all (contact) details or web form data submitted by ANY form. All this information will be added to your leads in the leadboard and can then be used in the filters and lead-scoring technology. Capture Form Leads using the tools you are familiar with.

Additionally, if you build the form-fields to match the placeholder names we use, we will populate the LeadBoard with this data.

Alternatively, you can send your own custom data to LeadBoxer, this will then be added as additional properties to your Lead.

Automatic Lead Scoring

Lead scoring is a methodology used to rank prospects against a scale that represents the perceived value each lead represents to the organization.

The resulting score is used to determine which leads a sales team will engage, in order of priority. [Wikipedia]

At LeadBoxer we give each lead an automatically calculated, but personal Leadscore. The Leadscore is based on a proprietary algorithm, meaning we spent many years developing the technology, and that we use multiple variables to determine which leads should be displayed at the top of the list. As a user, you can change the Automatic Lead Scoring mechanism to influencing the outcome; and which leads are displayed.

Based on your traffic engagement, we collect a lot of information, really, millions of datapoints. From all that (big) data we identify a small handful that are relevant. We weight (score) the most relevant pieces of information and create a total value which can never be over 100. We use sliders and an intuitive graphic display to let users adjust lead scoring.

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