B2B Website visitor Identification

Identify your Website Traffic and never miss a sales opportunity again.

Let’s face it, the sales process has changed. Companies have had to adapt and find new ways to reach their customers and get heard through the noise. How much of your website traffic are potential clients looking at your products? Is your sales team looking for new channels to tap into? Then LeadBoxer just might be the perfect tool for b2b Website visitor Identification.

Only around 2% of website visitors actually contact the company, which means 98% of people come to your website, browse around, and leave. Enter LeadBoxer, the B2B Website visitor Identification company that measures and identifies all your visitors. The information collected about visits from specific companies can be used to understand who is interested in your product or service and what exactly they are looking for. LeadBoxer gives you the opportunity to access a whole new sales channel full of warm leads and integrate that information with virtually any CRM system out there, in order to provide you with a smooth sales process.

Our tools allow you to collect and target companies you interact with. Universities, banks, businesses, and governmental bodies are some of the many examples of organizations we can identify. The data is triangulated from multiple sources in order to increase accuracy and reliability.   Don’t lose potential leads anymore, try LeadBoxer!”

b2b Website visitor Identification

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