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LeadBoxer will identify prospects and customers from your (anonymous) website users, making it ideal to get notified when existing clients or customers that are up for contract renewals visit certain pages, or get automated customer Insights from their customer journey or click-stream. We help you to identify Up-sell opportunities to increase your revenue.

Design + deploy notifications tailored to your Sales scenario.

Our Vision? AI for lead identification – a smart system that will automatically identify likely conversions and score them accordingly.


As opposed to generic web analyses: The Leadboxer solution tunes in on specific information of web visitors. This approach increases the value of web visitor information and is more beneficial for sales professionals.

Get Customer Insights

Increase effectiveness of Sales Efforts

Are you in communication with a company, following up a lead or making contact? Has a lead taken a look at your site, or passed on the link to colleagues? LeadBoxer is the perfect tool to identify the companies visiting your website.

The information collected about visits from specific companies can be used to understand what companies are visiting, and to see what they are doing. Specific companies and leads can be followed, and when combined with a CRM system, this information increases your potential for success.

Our tools allow you to collect and target companies you interact with. Universities, banks, and governmental bodies are examples of organizations identified. Data is triangulated from multiple sources to increase accuracy.

Contract renewals

Get notified when current clients visit your site & view important pages

This means that we can auto-magically collect and track all (contact) details or web form data submitted by ANY form. All this information will be added to your leads in the leadboard and can then be used in the filters and lead-scoring technology. Capture Form Leads using the tools you are familiar with.

Additionally, if you build the form-fields to match the placeholder names we use, we will populate the LeadBoard with this data.

Alternatively, you can send your own custom data to LeadBoxer, this will then be added as additional properties to your Lead.

Up-sell opportunities

We help you to identify Up-sell opportunities to increase your revenue.


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