Discover exactly when leads are ready-to-buy

Automatically identify website visitors, track their entire journey, and receive email notifications with a list of your best and most qualified leads.

Your Personal Lead Generation Machine

LeadBoxer works in the background to constantly uncover qualified leads your sales team can follow up on. Here’s how we do it:

1. Identify Unknown Website Visitors

In just a few minutes, LeadBoxer can begin tracking activity on your site and identify who visitors are before they even contact you. You can narrow in on a specific visitor’s company name, work email, company size, web and email activity, and more.

You’ll find a 360-degree view of potential customers so you have all the information you need to follow up.

2. Track Every Lead’s Entire Buyer Journey

LeadBoxer tracks each visitor’s entire buyer journey, including their website activity (ex. Pages visited), email opens and link clicks, link sharing, and more.

This is complete web and email journey tracking.

3. Automatically Qualify Leads

With LeadBoxer, you can set exactly what criteria you value most and a lead score will automatically be assigned to leads when this criteria is met.

Want leads with known email addresses? Just adjust this slider in LeadBoxer and visitors with a known email address will be given a higher lead score. The same can be done for phone numbers, number of visits, specific pages visited, company size, and more.

It’s that simple.

4. Filter & Find the Best Leads

In the LeadBoxer “Leadboard”, you can filter leads by company name, size, location, specific pages visited, what page a lead exited on, and more.

You can quickly find leads that matter to you most, so you can spend less time finding qualified leads and more time actually connecting with them.

5. Qualified Leads Straight to Your Inbox

LeadBoxer automatically sends you a list of qualified leads daily or weekly (depending on your preference) so you can quickly follow up on the best leads.

Email tracking 

Turn your newsletter, email campaigns and individual emails into sales opportunities. Receive signals telling you which of your email recipients are ready to buy, and when.

We’ll help you turn your email list into qualified leads, opportunities, customers, and ultimately, revenue.

Pair LeadBoxer with the Software You Already Use

LeadBoxer integrates with popular tools like MailChimp, HubSpot, LinkedIn, and more! Connect to the apps you already use and start syncing leads right away.

Why choose LeadBoxer?

LeadBoxer makes a wide range of Best-of-breed technology affordable. The bottom line is a platform which connects the dots between all of your digital activities AND integrates with your existing landscape. We’re talking your website, your outbound email and traffic campaigns, and your existing clients. The result is an email and lead generation solution for small and medium businesses.

We’ll tell you who you should be talking to.

What Our Customers Are Saying

LeadBoxer is addictive! The information provided just keeps amazing me.

Rune Theill

Co-founder & CEO, Rockstart

LeadBoxer has the best company and social information that I have found to date.

Martijn Arts

Partner & Strategy Director, Total Design

With LeadBoxer, I am able to get to work right away. If sales is important to you, I would recommend this tool wholeheartedly!

Martijn Ceelen

Principal BI Consultant, iConsultancy

LeadBoxer is an attractive sales system that helps me and my team find the companies we want to target. It’s easy!

Roel Bergsma

Founding Partner, Macaw

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