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Website visitor identification, customer journey tracking & lead generation platform

B2B Sales & Lead Generation

Give your sales team insight into what potential customers are actually interested in

Identify and track website visitors and their behavior, collect lead profile data and combine with existing records in our platform to identify and qualify leads automatically. Our automatic Lead-scoring technology makes sure that the best leads get the highest score.

Gain insights in your leads, prospects and customers by using our advanced filter and segmenting tools. Manage and route your qualified leads, hot prospects and existing customers to make sure they are delivered to the right people, at the right time.

Leadboxer delivers

Demand Generation

Capture Website Traffic – qualify companies & leads based on where they click. Smart filters on Industry, Company size, Location, and Behavior will send you alerts.

Identify Prospects

Track Individual Leads – pinpoint companies of interest and set/receive Buy Signals based on activity or profile when those leads are on your website.

Feed Sales Teams

Send leads where they need to go – automate the process of distribution and segmentation into your CRM – we support integration with almost everything.

Rich integrations

Data is most useful when shared. We understand that steep learning curves and adoption cycles prevent many companies from upgrading their technology. Our solution?; integrations with the most cutting-edge software on the market in order to make your life easier. Not sure we support what you are using? Contact us and we’ll make it happen.

Marketing Features

Account Based Marketing
Segmenting Audience
Campaign Validation

OUR customers

A business exists for it's customers.  Here are few of the great companies that trust LeadBoxer:

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