About LeadBoxer

LeadBoxer is a Lead Generation Platform, to identify, qualify and manage you leads. We solve the challenge of reliably understanding who visits your website and if they are ready-to-buy.
Today, LeadBoxer is responsible for collecting truly valuable insights for some of the biggest and most innovative companies around.
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What is LeadBoxer?

The LeadBoxer software platform is a best in class solution designed to analyze enormous amounts of behavioural Data derived from multiple online traffic sources. Via the LeadBoxer platform this data is turned into actionable leads, opportunities or insights for Marketing and Sales teams.

LeadBoxer is specialized in the Identification, Qualification and Managing of (B2B) leads. It identifies companies and people on your website, reading your emails and provides you, your colleagues, and your other tools with valuable information and insights on (potential) customers. Audience segmentation plays a large role in this process.

LeadBoxer’s international customer base is rapidly growing and consists of companies from a variety of regions, industries and sizes. These customers incorporate LeadBoxer into their workflow; respective processes and system architecture. Our cutting-edge technology ensures a future-proof, robust, scalable, open and secure environment. In this context, LeadBoxer is 1 of the key building blocks for customer experience and success.


The people are the company.

Who is LeadBoxer

LeadBoxer is a Dutch company headquartered in Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

We’re a global team, meaning that we are all over the world and data collection is our passion. We love to see our customers thrive, and we are dedicated to helping each customer connect with more leads, sales opportunities, marketing insights, etc. We hold ourselves to an insanely high standard and will bend over backwards to make sure our customers are successful.

The 3 founders are serial entrepreneurs, long-time friends and have very different backgrounds. This allows them to provide insights and solutions that are aimed at real-world (business) problems so that our clients can focus on their core-business.

Our mission

We care about your data.

LeadBoxer’s mission is to build and deliver Lead Generation products to our customers in a secure and stimulating environment.

We pride ourselves in providing solutions that are user-friendly, intuitive, simple to install, secure, and easy to understand. The goal is to help you better understand your (potential) customers; making the internet an inter-active place where you can react to continuous changes in environment.

Don’t miss the chance to automatically identify and capture new leads.