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Active Campaign + LeadBoxer Integration

  • Enrichment
  • Getting data in
  • Getting data out
Active Campaign + LeadBoxer

Integrate LeadBoxer with Active Campaign

This integration can be used to push LeadBoxer data into Active Campaign.

The main functionality is to enrich and update your Active Campaign Contacts and Accounts with data available in LeadBoxer.

The integration also pushes the captured behaviour for each lead into a Contact widget and also contains an event trigger, meaning behavioural data can also be used to create Automations.

Why use this integration

What are the main benefits?

  • Enrich all your leads with company details (firmographic data) such as Industry, size, location, revenue, socials, etc.
  • Properly see the website behaviour of your contacts and accounts in Active Campaign: What are your contacts interested in?
  • See the first AND last campaign & source data for each contact and find your best campaigns and sources
  • Use the channel values to compare paid vs organic
  • Trigger workflows based on behaviour and profile data

Included in all plans

This integration is available in all plans and packages. Detailed documentation is available in our help section.

Transport your data

Use this integration to get your data flowing into LeadBoxer, we will automatically capture and enrich all your leads and customers.

Easy configuration

All integrations are designed to make setup as easy as possible. If you like, we can always help and set things up together.

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