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MailChimp + LeadBoxer Integration

  • Email tracking
  • Getting data in
Mailchimp + LeadBoxer

Identify your Mailchimp audience on your site

Identify your Mailchimp audience when they visit your site
and track their website behaviour.

See what your mailchimp readers do AFTER they click on a link in your email. Once identified, we can see their future visits as well!

Email Tracking

Track your Mailchimp audience

Connect LeadBoxer with your data from your Mailchimp account and we will automatically pull in all activity of your recipients going forward./p>

Meaning that if any of your emails is being opened or any links are being clicked, we will add this behaviour to LeadBoxer, and merge this with any website behavior or digital touchpoints we track.

Key benefits

Why integrate Mailchimp with LeadBoxer

  • Identify (more) individual users on your website
  • Learn what your audience does after they click and land on your website
  • Understand your email marketing campaigns better than ever.
  • Get insights and notifications when your audience is Ready-to-buy!

Included in all plans

This integration is available in all plans and packages. Detailed documentation is available in our help section.

Transport your data

Use this integration to get your data flowing into LeadBoxer, we will automatically capture and enrich all your leads and customers.

Easy configuration

All integrations are designed to make setup as easy as possible. If you like, we can always help and set things up together.

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