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Marketo + LeadBoxer Integration

  • Email tracking
  • Getting data in
  • Getting data out
Marketo + LeadBoxer

Native integration with Marketo from Adobe

The LeadBoxer Marketo integration is a so-called two-way-sync between the 2 platforms:

We (1) collect contact details from Marketo, (2) add these to LeadBoxer and (3) push enriched data back into Marketo.

In detail, we grab the Munchkin Marketo cookie ID, and use this to lookup the contacts in Marketo. For known contacts only (ie not anonymous web visitors), we collect the contact details and add these to the leads in LeadBoxer, triggering our filmographic enrichment process. The enriched fields can then be pushed back to update the Marketo contacts.

Why use this integration

What are the main benefits?

  • This integration enables you to create better performing (email) campaigns in Marketo by using additional firmographic data to create segments to deliver differentiating or customised messages.
  • Enable LeadBoxer to Identify known contacts to better filter or segment out various groups within your audience. Eg: Identifying new business vs upsell opportunities from existing customers.

Included in all plans

This integration is available in all plans and packages. Detailed documentation is available in our help section.

Transport your data

Use this integration to get your data flowing into LeadBoxer, we will automatically capture and enrich all your leads and customers.

Easy configuration

All integrations are designed to make setup as easy as possible. If you like, we can always help and set things up together.

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