Leadboxer leadboard

Meet the most powerful and intuitive Lead Intelligence dashboard available.

At LeadBoxer we take pride in our holistic and client-focused approach. The end-user is the most important puzzle piece and we strive to set standards by delivering the best tools available. Filter, score and qualify your leads in real-time. 

Setting new Standards

Meet the LeadBoxer user interface, a new and modern application designed for professionals.
Get a State-of-the-Art look & feel with our powerful UI, that ups the bar on real-time lead identification and intelligence reporting.

Filter your data

You ask. We deliver. The most frequent request has been the ability to filter incoming leads on specific criteria and behavior.
Set the leadscore to get the best leads ranked to the top, use smart filtering to remove noise and add focus.

Key benefits:

  • Sharpen focus and visibility by setting filters
  • Quickly identify incoming leads and prospects
  • Easy insight in specific segments and audiences

create Smartlists

A smartlist, like it sounds, allows you to create and save a set of filters for use as pre-sets/ saved filters. Smartlist are saved to your account and can be accessed from a dropdown menu.

Some key benefits here are:

  • Save frequently used searches
  • Share smartlists with colleagues
  • Alerts: use smartlists as the starting point for an (automated) tasks such as emails or export

modern User interface

Based on feedback from hundreds of users, we  built the leadboard using the latest technologies and best practices.

Key benefits of this are:

  • Faster performance – lightning fast load times
  • Intuitive – complex information simply rendered
  • At-a-glance overview of activity ranked for you

Smartlist alerts direct to inbox

Once you have defined your ideal smart list(s), LeadBoxer can email them to you on a daily or weekly basis

Some key benefits here are:

  • Focus – set alerts and get an email with criteria are met
  • Create Smartlists for your key accounts, or geographical sales-team regions – get notified when your site(s) are visited
  • Cost reduction: reduce overhead of repetitive tasks, benefit from Big Data automation.

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