How does Lead Qualification Software work?

LeadBoxer collects your website and email data to automatically identify, enrich, segment, and score leads & customers based on their behavior and profile data.

1. Track all online behavior

LeadBoxer discovers and scores all website, email, and digital behavior: Website traffic, Newsletter reads & clicks, forms, logins, downloads, add clicks, etc.

We collect and store all this data in your account and build-up unique and individual profiles or customer views.

2. Identify your Leads and Customers

We provide multiple ways to identify leads and customers, and combine this with the data that is already available within your organisation in order to increase identifications and Sales Cycle insights.

Customer identification is more than just identifying company names. Significant value is added for your Sales teams when they can identify unique persons, meaning individual people within a company.

3. Filter & Segment your audience

Use filters to remove noise, make selections, and focus on your target customers (which you can save as segments). Filter on company name, industry or size, geographic data, behavior; pages viewed, exit links or visits, and marketing data such as UTM tags or referrer.

4. Set Score and Qualify

Qualify and dynamically score your leads and customers. We establish which leads or customers are relevant / important based on properties and behavior. Fully Customizable, calculated On-the-fly, and adjustable for individuals. AI for Sales.

5. Get Notifications or Updates

Receive notifications or updates for specific leads or customers visiting your site or reading emails. Get a message when a lead is Ready-To-Buy. Set custom scheduling, based on custom filters (segments) and routing to relevant team members in CSV, PDF or email format.

Multiple Features & Benefits for your team

LeadBoxer has many features and benefits as part of any package.

Full data search

Imagine a search engine for all your online data. Like Google, but then with only your leads and customers!


Automatic Data enrichment

For all identified companies (and persons outside the EU) we automatically enrich their profiles from more than a dozen sources.


Campaign Tracking

See, filter and score for each lead or customer their campaign (UTM) tags, We support both first and last click attribution.


Auto Form Tracking

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Channel groupings and source.

Similar to Google Analytics, we categorise your leads based on the first and last source or channels they used to enter your site.

Complete Customer Journey

For each unique user, we unify and bring together all their web and email behaviour like pageviews, email reads, etc.


GDPR compliant

LeadBoxer is fully GDPR compliant and offers full support to customers. We take GDPR very seriously.


Traffic Dashboard

See all traffic recorded in one easy dashboard to make sure you are capturing your complete audiece of leads & customers.


Share & assign leads

Add colleagues or entire sales-teams to your LeadBoxer account so that you can share and assign leads.


 Lead Tags or Labels

Label or tag your audience to quickly segment or filter out your customers, partners, vendors, team, etc.

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Integrations & API

Automatically get your online lead and customer data integrated into the tools your organisation is using. We have a suite of integrations & plugins. Alternatively we have an official Zapier App to connect to more than 1000 other apps. We Also have our own API for custom integrations.

"LeadBoxer is addictive!, the information provided just keeps amazing me. Kudos"

– Rune Theill, CEO at

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