product changes

The most recent updates to the LeadBoxer product.

January Product Updates

App Updates

  • Tracked events/pageviews that contain the parameter utm_medium=email will now register as email click in the clickstream
  • LinkedIn target role setting now located on the settings page
  • Timezone setting now located on the settings page
  • We fixed a bug causing orphaned users to not show up in the users settings
  • An Empty ‘hidden leads’ list now shows an empty list, instead of just all leads
  • You can now also switch URL/title in the Leadcard
  • We now hide the ‘save’ and  ‘apply’ buttons for filters when there is no filter being used/set
  • To reduce confusion, we no longer change Save to Edit when a Smartlist/Segment has been used
  • We fixed a bug in Safari whereby zooming out would cause the filters to disappear
  • We increased the number of characters you can use to name your smartlist/segment to 200


Technical updates

  • Realised API speed improvements by upgrading underlying technology stack to latest versions
  • Added queuing mechanism to ensure the recording of data continues even if the storage cluster goes down
  • The LeadCard is now also available without API key for sharing to external parties
  • Enabled G-zip compression for the leadPixel tracking Javascript


November update

This month we have 2 main changes or improvements:

Add filter for custom properties

You can now set a filter on any custom property, meaning you can filter in or out your leads based on any custom property that was added to the user.

API Update

We migrated the sessions & events API to the new version and added documentation.

See the new API here:

LeadBoxer October Update

Whats new in October?

Easy date-range selection with new calendar

We are happy to announce we have added a very easy to use new date range selection feature supporting visual calendar to set your preferred range. The selected ranges will also be stored in any smartlist you create.


Toggle and switch between Title/URL in clickstreams

You can now switch between either displaying the title or the URL’s in the click streams of your leads in the lead details section. This refers to seeing with the website URL of a page, or the Page Title -depending on your preference.


Segmentation with  ‘Other fields’ filter improvements 

We have added the option to set a negative filter on the items in the ‘other fields’ such as Email, First Name, and Last Name. This allows you to filter out any leads or customers with any of these fields populated. For example, perhaps you want to segment or filter out known clients.


WOWSER – Company matching algorithm improvements

We wrote a new and improved algorithm that increased our automatic matching to company profiles by 20%!
Meaning you will see more company information for the companies we identify.


Last but NOT least:
Bug fixes – smaller improvements

  • Implemented sticky ordering when switching datasets
  • We made HTML format the default when creating a smartlist notification
  • Fixed multiple dataset and user management issues

September product updates

Whats New with LeadBoxer in September?

New and improved Filters:

Industry categories by group
We’ve added the option to filter based on linkedIn company-industry groups to make simplify selecting full categories. A complete overview of industries and categories can be found on our docs page: Industry & grouping overview

Negative URL filters
This is a very powerful new addition to the URL filter. It enables you to filter OUT all the leads that visited certain pages or sections of your site. For example: Filter out all visitors, leads, or customers that looked at the jobs section of our site.

Other Filter Improvements
  • Lead Tags: added ‘has any value’ and ‘is unknown’ options
  • Added negative options for Exit link filter
  • We added a text cursor in filter textfields, for better UX

‘day of week’ selection to smartlist weekly options

If want to receive a weekly notification from a smartlist on a specific day of the week, you can now choose this from the options when creating a smartlist.

New API version

We have quietly been working on a new version of our API, including proper documentation. You can find the descriptive documentation on our API docs section, while the technical info can be found here.

Other New Features and Improvements

Here is a list of all the smaller bug-fixes and quality-of-life improvements that we completed for LeadBoxer in the last month.

  • Outlook compatibility with our daily or weekly HTML email
  • Added the ‘selected date range’ to display next to the number of leads shown
  • We now hide the API key for non-admins
  • We added the format (CSV/HTML) to the smartlist overview
  • When creating a smartlist, we now enable the notification option by default
  • When selecting HTML format in smartlist, we hide the CSV options
  • We added a link to smartlist page in top navigation as icon
  • We added search words/ terms to the lead details

August product updates

Whats New with LeadBoxer?

Smartlist Overview

The biggest change we are introducing this month is the Smartlist Overview page. We created a new page that contains an overview of all the Smartlist & Notification per dataset; allowing you to see all the smart lists in your account.

Leadlist Custom Column

You can now set a column on the leadboard with a (sticky) metric of your choice. We are hoping that this new feature will allow users to have better overview of the factors which are important to them.

Set Target Job Title/Role 

Users can now set target job titles, allowing for more streamlined way of finding individuals through the use of role / title search on LinkedIn

Negative URL filters – Now you can filter out leads that visited certain pages, eg job pages

Search as URL Parameter – You can now link to LeadBoxer with a pre-defined search and dataset by specifying them in the URL.

New Filters: Referrer and Exit Link URL – Quickly find the leads that used a specific url/link to enter or exit your site.

‘Day of week’ for weekly smartlis notification: When setting your smartlist notification to weekly, you can now also select the day it is being send.

Other New Features and Improvements

Here you can see all the other smaller bugfixes and quality-of-life improvements that we did for LeadBoxer in the last month.

  • Invoices are now available for admins on the billing page
  • Allow for deep link to the individual lead-card in the UI
  • We made the payment page only visible for admins
  • We have added search keywords to lead details
  • You can now set a date/period on the dashboard
  • Hide datasets icon from top navigation bar for non-admins
  • Added total session duration to lead card properties
  • Renamed property filters to just Filters and added link to filter documentation
  • Made the Company filter also check column ‘company’
  • Added new API ‘/api/management/add_lead_tags’ for adding tags to leads instead of replacing them
  • Selecting a smart list will now show and expand the filters used

Thank you for sticking until the end of yet another LeadBoxer update.


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