product changes

The most recent updates to the LeadBoxer product.

Region filters and other improvements

New: We added region filters to the country & region section, allowing you to select whole regions like EMEA, Europe, AMER and APAC

Other Improvements & fixes

  • When you use the LinkedIn social login, we will now show the pictures of the person
  • When a ‘company’ value is provided by the customer, this will be show in place of the most likely company that LeadBoxer had identified.
  • All images are now loaded over secure (https) connections, making the app fully secured.
  • We changed the name of the CSV export when downloading, to include the name of the dataset.
  • We removed the ‘lists’ icon from the top navigation as this functionality can now be done using tags and filters
  • You can now export up to 2500 leads using the CSV download (up from 1000)
  • We replaced phone column on the full leadboard with country
  • The leadcard (when shared) has been redesigned to match the new look and feel
  • We fixed a bug that prevented saving smartlists in some specific cases.

CSV field configuration & exclude Lead Tags filter

We added one new feature this release:  the option to configure additional fields in you CSV download for both exporting as for the smartlist driven emails.

One big improvement: you can now filter out leads that have a specific Lead Tag using ‘is not’ and ‘does not contain’ options

Other improvements

  • We improved the unhide leads feature by automating the decision to unhide whole company or single lead
  • Seamless switching between version 1 and 2 of LeadBoxer
  • Added session time as a value in the API
New version of LeadBoxer released

New version of LeadBoxer released

At LeadBoxer we have always let our customers’ needs to lead the development of our product. We believe that through the years our platform has improved greatly and this is to a great extent thanks to the feedback we get from all the stakeholders, including you. Early 2017 we released a complete new version of LeadBoxer. The new Dashboard reflects our goal to be the Sales & Marketing intelligence tool of the future!

We have been working tirelessly on improving the product based on the needs of our customers. Along with revamping the interface, we introduced filters, smart lists, and alerts in order to improve your experience. Here are the major updates:

New Dashboard

Based on feedback from hundreds of users, we went back to the drawing board and completely rebuilt the leadboard and the dashboard using the latest technologies and best practices. Thus creating a really cutting-edge platform that can suit your sales & marketing intelligence needs.

Introducing Filters

You ask. We deliver. The most frequent request has been the ability to filter incoming leads on specific criteria and behaviour. While you still can set the leadscore to get the best leads ranked to the top, we’ve added smart filtering to the mix.

Adding Smartlists

A smartlist, like it sounds, allows you to create and save custom filters for use as pre-sets/ smartlists. They are saved to your account and can be accessed from a drop-down menu. You can also send them to others internally so that the right person can follow-up on your leads.


Once you have defined your ideal smart list(s), LeadBoxer will email them to you on a daily or weekly basis. This will ensure that the top leads are always followed-up by you and your team.

Complete information can be found here: LeadBoard 2.0 

New Feature: Increase Leadscore When Key URLs are Visited

While you can already change your leadscore, we have made a great update that makes the leadscoring functionality even more valuable for your business. We have released an update that makes it so that when visitors visit a key URL on your website, his or her leadscore will increase. This means that when a visitor goes to important pages and shows interest in your pricing or features, you’ll know that they’re likely keen to learn more. When the leadscore of this interested person increases, they’ll rise to the top of your lead list. read more…

Update November 2016

Changes & Improvements in November. Read further to see the update in November 2016.

1. Advanced search update

It is now possible to do searches more specific to your needs with the updated ‘advanced search’ options. You can find the improved search function by clicking on the arrow on the right of the search bar.  Here you can open a dropdown menu to filter your search to either one of the following options:

  • City: search for a specific city where your leads are located
  • Country: search for a specific country where your leads are located
  • IP number: search for leads with a specific IP number
  • Campaign: search for leads generated by a specific campaign
  • Source: search for a specific source of your traffic such as search engine, or newsletter
  • Medium: search for a specific utm_medium such as email, CPC or another method of sharing


2. Leadscore by URL

We have added a new option to the lead score calculator. You can now set a value to specific URLs visited by your leads. This option allows you to choose up to 5 different URLs and you can select how much you value a visit of this lead for each of the URLs specifically. You can either copy and paste the URL as a whole, or choose a segment of the URL such as “/pricing” or “/products/” if this is part of the URL(s) of interest.



The best way to discover these and other powerful features is to spend time playing with LeadBoxer. Click the button below to start a free trial.