product changes

The most recent updates to the LeadBoxer product.

2021 May 18 – Product Update

Here are the update notes for the latest changes

Updated LeadBoxer Outlook email tracking:

Today we are releasing a new official version of our Outlook email tracking add-in.

Due to a restriction placed by Microsoft, we have removed the automatic enablement of Leadboxer tracking for each email. This is required in order to continue developing the add-in inside the store for future improvements.

As an alternative solution to have automatic email tracking enabled, we are releasing a customized add-in. This can be achieved with a download / install outside of the Microsoft app source.

NOTE: the add-ins are otherwise identical and we recommend you only have one version installed.

If you have an active subscription through the MS app-source platform, there are no other steps that you need to take. The add-in is auto-configured based on your email address.

Please contact us for assistance, or questions.


Marketo Integration

We have further improved our Native integration with Adobe Marketo.

For full details, see the Marketo Integrations page and our Marketo documentation


New and improved email notifications

We have redesigned and rebuild our daily or weekly email notifications to include more details such as industry, company size, lead tags, etc.



Further updates

  • CSV download column order can now be set in the column selector.
  • Fixed numerous bugs

2021 Feb 18 – Product Update

in the first weeks of this year (2021) we worked and improved many different aspects of our platform.


User Interface improvements

For you, the end user, you will most likely notice that we implemented a slight redesign of our application user interface. We hope you enjoy or appreciate (or both).


New Filters

The redesign also included a grouping of filters into 4 categories and an additional 2 new filters:

  1. Channel
    You can use this to filter and segment your leads based on their (original) acquisition channel.
  2. From email (Sender)
    As more and more of our customers discover the power of our individual email tracking through Gmail or Outlook, you can now filter and segment based on the Sender of the email. Note: the sender needs to be a user in LeadBoxer to show up in this list.


Improved ISP filtering

We haveĀ  implemented an enhanced ISP filter, meaning we can now filter out the vast majority of ISP’s mobile carriers, CDN’s and hosting providers.


CSV files notifications for Accounts view

You can now set .CSV files as format in your daily or weekly email notifications for Accounts view.


Enhanced firmographic data

As part of the premium plan, you can now get firmographic social profiles, phone numbers and email addresses.


Active Demand integration improvements

We now support enrichment of contacts that came through a webform.
We also offer enhanced firmographic data.


Further updates

  • Custom domain for LeadBoxer User Interface available for agencies/resellers
  • We improved channel logic for better classification
  • Fixed numerous bugs

2020-06 Product Update

Google Places Integration

The companies database that LeadBoxer uses for enrichment is large and very accurate. But there are many (smaller) companies out there that are not in the main enrichment databases we use such as Linkedin or any of the other sources we use.

For that reason we now support the Google Places API for improved enrichment of smaller local companies.

Meaning that if you add a Google maps API key, we will use the Google API to enrich your leads with the places company details like address, domain, and phone number.

For detailed instructions see this link: Google Enrichment

Mailchimp Automations

We have added support for Mailchimp Automations campaigns, meaning that if you send out emails through Mailchimp automations (like drip campaigns, auto-follow-ups, etc) we will now grab the behavioral data (email opens, clicks) and add these to LeadBoxer profiles.

Read more from Mailchimp on creating Automations in Mailchimp


Other Updates:

  • Multiple small improvements for the Active Demand integration
  • Squashed a few small bugs in the Pipedrive Leads integration

2020-05 Product Update

Pipedrive Leads Integration

Get identified website visitors in Pipedrive as Leads

We are extremely proud to announce we are the first third-party integration provider that can push website visitors to the new Pipedrive Leads section.

Contact us for more details


CSV Download improvements

  • Added the CSV download selector to the accounts view
  • Cleaned up the .CSV download selector and removed many irrelevant fields



Other Updates:

  • We improved our identification for IP6 type IP addresses
  • Multiple small improvements for the Active Demand integration
  • Improved the documentation for the Accounts view API endpoint
  • Fixed a bug in the Pipedrive integration that was causing companies with special characters to duplicate

2020-04 Product Update

Summer updates

We’ve implemented many changes and improvements over the last few months. Highlights:

Company profile improvements

We cleaned up the Company Profile and added company address, phone, founded date, company type, status.


  • Added the option to turn off automatic deal creation.
  • Fixed a bug so that hidden leads are now no longer synced to Pipedrive

Mailchimp custom fields

We added the option to import any custom fields that you have specified within your Mailchimp audience lists.
This means that if you have any additional fields in your Mailchimp database, we can grab these fields and add these to the profile of the lead or customer.

Contact us if you would like to set this up

Google BigQuery integration

We can now automatically upload all your raw or filtered behavioural web & email data into Google Big Query tables.
This enables you to analyse and query your raw web analytics data in ways you would not be able to in Google Analytics or any other major web analytics platform.
Note: This integration requires a Premium plan.

Bonus: easy connect to Google Data Studio

Web Technology enrichment

We can now enrich leads and customer companies with their web technologies.
Meaning we will show all the technology and products used in their main website.
Note: This integration requires a Premium plan.

Clearbit Integration

You can now add a Clearbit API key to enrich your leads from their person and company database.
Note, this is a paid service from Clearbit


More Logos

We have added a new source for logo enrichment based on domain names. You will see more logos in the LeadBoxer application.


Other Updates:

  • Select today, yesterday, last 7 days and last 14 days in the Accounts view.
  • We unified all company related fields into Organization* fields
  • In the download spreadsheet, we cleaned the Company name field


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