product changes

The most recent updates to the LeadBoxer product.

New Feature: Increase Leadscore When Key URLs are Visited

While you can already change your leadscore, we have made a great update that makes the leadscoring functionality even more valuable for your business. We have released an update that makes it so that when visitors visit a key URL on your website, his or her leadscore will increase. This means that when a visitor goes to important pages and shows interest in your pricing or features, you’ll know that they’re likely keen to learn more. When the leadscore of this interested person increases, they’ll rise to the top of your lead list. read more…

Changes November 2016

Changes & Improvements for Announcement

1. Advanced search update

It is now possible to do searches more specific to your needs with the updated ‘advanced search’ options. You can find the improved search function by clicking on the arrow on the right of the search bar.  Here you can open a dropdown menu to filter your search to either one of the following options:

  • City: search for a specific city where your leads are located
  • Country: search for a specific country where your leads are located
  • IP number: search for leads with a specific IP number
  • Campaign: search for leads generated by a specific campaign
  • Source: search for a specific source of your traffic such as search engine, or newsletter
  • Medium: search for a specific utm_medium such as email, CPC or another method of sharing


2. Leadscore by URL

We have added a new option to the lead score calculator. You can now set a value to specific URLs visited by your leads. This option allows you to choose up to 5 different URLs and you can select how much you value a visit of this lead for each of the URLs specifically. You can either copy and paste the URL as a whole, or choose a segment of the URL such as “/pricing” or “/products/” if this is part of the URL(s) of interest.


Changes October 2016

Changes & Improvements for Announcement

1. Lead Properties (per lead)
We have added a Lead Properties section to each lead. This includes all relevant technical details we can provide for the lead. You can find the lead properties if you expand a lead. There is a navigation item called Lead Properties.
If there is any custom data or property for the lead we auto expand the field, if not – click to expand and reveal:

  • IP address
  • ISP
  • original referrer (when available)
  • platform
  • browser
  • Screen size
  • lead card – this is a unique URL with this user’s details

2. Email address displayed when no company identified.
In some cases when an email address has been identified, but no Company is known, we display the email address instead of ‘unidentified Company’

3. Noise/ clutter removed:
The URL to a leadcard has been removed visually and replaced by the words “lead card: Open”

4. On leadboard: ‘unknown company’ linked to documentation
‘how to identify’ documentation linked to ‘unidentified Company’ – this documentation gives ideas on how to enrich the system – in other words, what can be done to improve data when there are too many unidentified companies.

5. Improved clarity: clearly display Dataset name on Instructions page when Lead Pixel is shown and instructions are given for inserting code snippet into source code

6. Introduction materials – script installation and Tour of Features – video demonstration of main Features. These materials automatically display upon first login session when a new account is created.
i. LeadBoxer Introduction Video
ii. Getting Started – 4 steps – Profile and Lead Pixel confirmation
iii. Pixel check
iv. add colleagues
v. add lead target details
vi. leadboard >> pixel not installed? >> introductory video

7. Auto-save implemented for leadscore. It is no longer necessary to ‘save’ adjustments to the leadscore. When changes are made to the page by sliders, etc, these changes are automatically saved.

LeadScore Improvements & new resources

Pre-defined leadscore settings based on roles

We have added the option to select a pre-defined leadscore settings on the leadscore setting page.
This enables you to change the leadscore setting so it best fits your personal need.

We created leadscore settings for these 3 roles:

  • Sales Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • SDR (Sales development Rep)

For sales managers we put the emphasis on personal information, for Marketing managers the emphasis is on behaviour, and for SDR’s its about freshness and company data.


We advise to use these as a starting point and improve/adjust the setting based on your own preference

New Blog post

Our Sales Manger Sander wrote a blog post on how to follow up on a lead, read it here:
How to follow up on leads

New video added

Since a couple of weeks we have been putting effort in making it easier for LeadBoxer (trial) users to start using the product. One of the results is this introduction video

Download Improvements & New Website & Inspiration

Download improvements

  1. We have added a new column that has a direct link to the lead card. This is static link to a page with the full profile of the lead, included the clickstream or behaviour or customer journey for the last 5 sessions. It similar to the information you receive when you share via email.
  2. We grouped all the specialties together into one new column, so that they will not clutter our overview.

New Website

You may have noticed already, we have relaunched our new website this week. A more ‘business’ look that is lighter and more colourful. We will be adding more pages every week to convince more people to try and use LeadBoxer.

Inspirational update

We also have added a small update to make LeaBoxer more fun and perhaps also a bit inspiring, can you find it?

Let us know if you like it or if you have other wisdoms you want to share.


Bugs fixed
  • We fixed an issue where our auto-form-tracking feature didn’t work properly in Microsoft IE and Edge browsers.
  • Fixed documentation to reference the dataset ID in the javascript examples. not account ID.


The best way to discover these and other powerful features is to spend time playing with LeadBoxer. Click the button below to start a free trial.