product changes

The most recent updates to the LeadBoxer product.

October 2018 Update

Cross device tracking

We have updated the lead pixel (tracking javascript) so that you can now set the user-ID through url value. This is usefull if you would like to create a closed system in where you want to make sure that all events (even on different devices or platforms are grouped under one single profile)

In short If the lb_uid parameter is set in a landing url, we are updating cookie to use its value as user_id.

For more details read more about our cross device tracking solution

Improvements & fixes

  • Added a date-range selector in mobile view
  • Replaced Intercom chat with Helpscout beacon
  • Invite user email is now sent with LeadBoxer’s ‘from’ name & email address
  • increased consistency in companyName parameter
  • When selecting PDF in notification settings, hide the B2b/B2C selector
  • In downloaded CSV’s we renamed company as companyName (also merge based on value present in both fields)
  • We now hide B2B/B2C selection when PDF or HTML is selected
  • We now hide original_channel in lead properties
  • Dutch KvK matching improvements

September 2018 Update

Updates & Improvements

  • Updated Improved channel identification logic
  • Added condition to show only “channel” when original_channel = last_channel
  • Smartlist dialog enhancements:
    • Do not ask smartlist name in case of update
    • Rename send test smartlist message and show it as blue button
  • Updated smartlist message body for expired accounts/ users
  • Updated footer message with instruction to update smartlist notification preferences using ui
  • Implement additional co-branding features

August 2018 updates

Channel property grouping

We now categorise each new lead and customer into channel groupings, meaning you can see how see how each lead or customer originally arrived or was referred to your site (Original Channel), and in their last session/visit (last Channel).

Channel groups are defined with the following rules:

  • Organic: referrer contains google|yahoo|bing|etc
  • Social: referrer contains twitter|facebook|linkedin|etc
  • Referral: referrer exists and not equal to ‘organic’ or ‘social’
  • Email: utm_medium = ’email’
  • Paid: utm_medium matches regex ^(cpc|ppc|paidsearch)$
  • Direct: utm_source = ‘direct’ or utm_medium = unknown
  • Other: everything else

In our next Sprint we will add these to the filter options so you can create segments/filters based on channel.


Send test email notifications

One functionality our customers asked for was the ability to test the emails that will be sent out automatically on a daily or weekly basis. This can now be accomplished from the smartlist / segment edit window.

Other Updates

  • We have configured the Daily / Weekly notifications to continue as per usual after a trial has expired, however the data is limited to 3 results.
  • Added another node to our script serving cloud, to improve response times on the US East Coast
  • Mapped additional Form properties to specific LeadBoxer values

July 2018 updates

Lead or Customer data as PDF

This Month we added the option to receive your daily or weekly segmented leads or customers in a new file-format: PDF

These PDFs contain the full details of one person or company. By default we will send the top 10 leads or customers that are within your created segment and period.

Improved Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK) Matching

We now match significantly more dutch companies to their entries in the dutch chamber of commerce.

June 2018 Updates

Improved company enrichment matching

We now match both LinkedIn and Chamber of commerce data also on manually added companies. This works for both changing the company name in the User interface or for company data that is captured through forms and email tracking.


Lead pixel (tracking script) improvements

We are now geo load-balancing the serving of our tracing script from 4 locations worldwide, making sure we offer the fastest load-times possible.


New Native integration

We have developed a native integration with a Dutch Lead Management System called LEF, which is designed for the automotive industry.


Other fixes / updates

  • New Lead-details email design, we have spend some time to make the shared and assigned leads look good in most mail clients.
  • We fixed broken links on the Smart-list overview.
  • Improved behaviour of filters and smart-list saving. Editing existing smart-list should now be less confusing.


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